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Friday, 25 May 2012

What we all were waiting to see...

Okay, so its not ground breaking and in my opinion could have done better, however I do like the fact she has gone for a very rustic and Indian look so I am proud of her for going down this road. I am also very supportive of her weight 'issue' which has been very controversial recently. Although I think she is amazingly gorgeous I wouldn't call myself a fan but I was very annoyed with the way the press put her down so much, she is a new mother who has gained some weight - cut the woman some slack! before anyone says shes a celebrity she chose to be scrutinized Mrs. Bachchan seems to have steered away from the media so if anyone was offended by her weight they went out of their way to find her! She wasn't out there flaunting it!

Most women gain weight when pregnant, its normal - Let the woman be!

Back to the outfit! I do like this style of blouse, its the sort of thing you would see an old 'thakoriyan' wearing in bollywood films so feels quite retro but also is a nice move away from the reveal all underwear like 'blouses' we were seeing a few years ago - the 'desi girl' look just didn't sit well with me! It would be interesting to see how this look would translate with a normal sari - i think it would look quite elegant and something I wouldn't mind trying myself!

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  1. She looked really pretty in this outfit, I like how modest and traditional it seemed, especially compared to the black lacey dress she wore the next day.