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Friday, 15 February 2013

Saima Mohd

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Hope you’re all well and are looking forward to the weekend I am sure!! It’s kinda sunny here in London today so an added bonus for Friday Yay!!!

Let me tell you about Saima today – this review has been a long time coming as she is one of the first people I ever ordered from and she is amazing at ‘inspired’ (ahem!) dresses although she now has her own line – well done!!!

Below is a pic of a Nickie Nina dress I couldn't afford (£800+) but Saima then made for me – It is pretty amazing especially as I have seen the original up close and believe me when I say mine isn't tooo far off it – after I wore mine Saima made three other versions of it for my friends and family (I don’t mind stuff like that – esp if it wont be worn to the same functions). It’s a bit old now I had mine made at the beginning of 2010 but since then I've bought quite a few others from her and so have my friends without disappointment.

The best thing about saima is she knows her limitations and will tell you when she can not do something, before she takes my order we spend ages going through the details – she knows I’m a fussy one so fully understands what I am after before accepting my order!

Her finishing was a bit up and down on the heavier outfits in the sense that on the surface the outfit will look amazing and good enough to carry off at any function but there would be little things that would nag at me, like a lack of interlocking, or loose threads at the seams showing through on sheer chiffon sleeves etc and I did find beads crystals etc would fall off very quickly but Saima has assured me she is now using higher grade stuff so this shouldn't be a problem!

have a look below at some of her other outfits - in particular the grey one - its been done soooo well!

You can also view photos of her new collection HERE

On a side note I am a huge Nickie Nina fan I think they're the best design duo in Pakistan and have decided its time to shell out on an original but they just don't answer my emails! I have also tried calling without much luck - me no likely :(

Monday, 11 February 2013

Ear Cuffs

Would you?

I think I would give them a go -  I have found a few online that I like, i would probably start with wearing them with my hair out so its less drastic though!

I think these are quite pretty!

I like these from Miss Selfridge - I think I shall start with these!