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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Silky Smooooooooth

My new love is SATIN!!!! well when I say satin I mean silky type fabrics, silk, charmese that kinda thing - you know what I am taking about!! After the chiffon and net overload this change has been in the pipeline for some time!! I've covered silk panneled shirts in the past - then came the silk pattis on lawn and now full blown silk suits seems to be creeping in, Nomi Ansari is launching a whole range of Satin digital prints which look gorgeous - colours are so much more vibrant and really stand out in the fabric.

I havent personally gone the whole silk suit route yet although I am very keen on these Nomi Ansari prints; however, I have recently receieved some shirts that I ordered with silk backs which I just love! I only have pics of the black one at the mo but as you can see I stuck with a Kurta style cut with rounded edges and a dipped hem. I ordered from a seller named Belle Donne whom I discoevered on a forum and she was good to buy from - I ordered many outfits from her for myself and family members and she was helpful throughout the process and best of all has whats app so would send me photos whilst in shops and let me chose my prints that way which was great! She had my suits all stitched and shipped on time and as far as I can see they all fit! A rarity!! there is always some adjustments needed here and there especially when the order is for a mix and match of sizes and styles! Would highly recommend her!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ohh Ahhh Ma-Sa-Ba!

This is on my Wish List – I love this sari – it may not be to everyone’s taste but I love the way it’s quite Bold and trendy! My only issue is that I don’t have a suitable occasion coming up and something like this is so now… Where would you wear it?

At £300+ it’s expensive for what it is but is a real statement piece; personally it needs to be for the right event – unfortunately not something I can horde and hope for something to come up. I am a big masaba fan and love their style - just waiting for the right occassion!

This Masaba number is available from pernias pop up shop which lists lots of designer wear including Sabyasachi – they have some amazing tops etc available too – Look out for my review!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Fabulous!

Happy Friday People!!

Madhuri looking FABULOUS! The outfit and jewelry is pretty too but am just so impressed with how gorgeous she looks – a real beauty!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Eid Mubarak!! Better late than never!!!

So people!!! Seasons Greetings!!!

For Everyone celebrating Eid - Eid Mubarak!!! After all those difficult (yet rewarding) days of fasting how did you all celebrate?? What I really wanna know is what did you wear??!!!

For me - London was roasting and a simple SS lawn suit was as far as I got! The theme remained the same for day 2 - but this time it was a pretty purple Nishat number - nothing jazzy just comfy and temperature appropriate! Cotton desi clothes are such a pleasure to wear on hot sunny days!

I have quite a few SS and each time they arrive I always wonder if I really need to spend £60+ on a lawn suit until I wear them... and then I know its okay - these suits although lawn do have the dressy factor and do stand out especially when stitched well, the dupattas in particular are always beautiful which is the perfect finishing touch to a good outfit. I also had Nishat, Lakhani and 5 star lawn outfits on order this year - nishat is lovely, Lakhani is gorgeous - on par with SS but 5 star deffo looked better in the pictures - in real life the suit I got looks slightly gaudi so will avoid them in future!