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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Farah Talib Aziz - My Review

FTA - Farah Talib Aziz is a brand Ive been a fan of for quite sometime which you will be very much aware of if you follow my Facebook Page - hint hint if you haven't liked AND followed yet please do so :)

Their designs and colour schemes are classic and beautiful with an eternal charm about them - I know this sounds like a rather tall description but thats what the designs say to me.
I decided to go with them when I required a new outfit for a friends wedding. I am struggling with the clothes addiction and the cost of attending weddings and outfits does add up so the best way for me to justify new stuff is to go for classic designs that I know I can wear in years to come...

I got in touch with FTA through their FB page and was then directed to whatsApp where the lovely Maliha sent me designs that could be worked within my budget; I had just over £300 + shipping to spend which is not an amount they usually work with but I twisted her arm and she agreed!!

My outfit is beautiful - its one of the few (this and the Ayesha Yousaf one - review to come folks!) that my husband actually likes!

The work on it is intricate and neat, fabric is lovely zari which is patterned and also full of Mukesh work and fitting is just right. For once I was very hands off with this outfit - I only specified the colours, chose the design from the numerous photos I was sent but left everything to them.... okay doesn't sound that hands off however the vendors I usually order from will vouch for how specific I am with every tiny little detail! I went for a straight calf length kameez with a churidaar; they added a beautiful latkan to the back which just dresses it up that little bit more. The dupatta and churidaar are Orchid Purple in shade which sets of the green really well. 

The other thing I have noticed since wearing the outfit is that the work hasn't tugged at the fabric at all - This issue is the bain of my life! Metal wire from such embroidery usually sticks /rubs against my sleeves literally destroying the fabric - however after two wears... so far so good. I suppose this is the sign of extra good craftsmanship when the work doest do this. The mukesh does stick a little but nothing that will damage the fabric.

The order arrived on time, I was able to pay to a UK bank account which was useful and I have a new classic and beautiful outfit in my wardrobe. I would highly recommend ordering from them for anyone looking for something special.