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Friday, 27 January 2012

Messy Top Knot/Not?

so for the last year or maybe slightly longer ive noticed the trendies in 'ma hood' sporting very messy buns on top of their heads. I am all for creativity and doing different things but i just don't think this is very flattering; the only people who seem to make it work are the very prettiest and even then they would look prettier with anything other than this look!

Its just another addition to the 'cool nerd' look at the mo...

anyway - I am not here to hate - I like and appreciate people working different looks and styles, this ones just not for me!

What do you guys think?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pure Sari LOVE!!

Two Saris have caught my eye this morning... Lets start with my fav!

I completely love this sari - this is the first outfit I've seen in a while that I just want - it is so beautiful and wearable and is in my fav colour too!! Purple looks amazing in velvet and its so beautifully contrasted with the light pink. The blouse -oh so gorgeous!!!

I am gonna have to contact those people at Sabyasachi and find out how much it is...

* UPDATE - Its $2700 roughly £1600 which is a tad too expensive for me!

Second sari - This is NOT a Sonam Fan Club but I just have to give it to the girl for always catching my eye! Here its not just about the sari - the sari is just nice - its more how she has worn it; the bright lips and make up really uplift the whole look! I am still undecided about the shrug but it does seem to add a sense of elegance to the ensemble.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Give me something different....

Zoa wore this to a recent awards bash, its a Rocky S churidaar kameez combo but with a little bit of edge. Even with the dupatta-esque draping this works really well - I've seen similar things look super tacky but this is brilliant and pretty wearable too!

I think we get lots of creativity when it comes to desi clothes - there are so many beautiful outfits out there but what we do lack is edginess done well.

Me like this!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Todays Distraction - Rubina Khan

Something for you Northerners today.... Well Northern England for my international readers!!

What I liked most about her album is that there are different designs and its not just full of replicas - everything seems to be well made, trendy and with a nice selection of materials, colours and cuts. Prices are okay too, they start at around £120 - considering you can actually go to the shop (if you are local) and see the fabric and quality itself rather than relying on photos from a faceless seller - the small premium is justified!

I've never seen her work myself but I've heard good things about her so someone to keep in mind my fellow shopaholics!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Quiffs, Weight & Sonam

A little more Sonam luuuuuurve for today!

I love the way she has worn her hair here. I've always been a fan of the good old quiff - it turns my dodgy hair days into stylish hair days and is a time saver on days when my lazy butt doesn't have time to wash my hair!!

To update my quiff I have also started wearing it to the side with a twist but i like the way she has parted her hair not far above her ear. I tried this look myself - I will confess I am not great at hairstyles - I can do a pretty awesome blow dry with my hair but its doesn't get much more creative than that and I managed to make this work! Its really simple, just part your hair, grab the section and twist then pin at the back.

On to the weight - Many will know that Sonam has not always been so slim and I really enjoyed reading this very honest interview with her regarding her weight loss here which I thought I'd share :0)

Happy Friday people

Eye Candy - Sari Luuuruuurrve

How pretty!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes Vs Colors Screen Awards

I was very disappointed with this years red carpet appearances at the Golden Globes- since I was a little girl I've always loved going through photos of the stars in beautiful gowns but last night there was not one dress/look that made me go 'wow' - BUT our Bollywood babes didn't let me down - There were some real stunners with a mix of traditional and western outfits - Lets start with the best of the bunch!

Colors Screen Awards:

My fav has to be Deepika; Deepika is an absolute stunner - I think she is one of the most beautiful women in Bollywood and looks amazing both in movies and in stills - she tends to play it safe with her wardrobe but always manages to look beautiful and elegant. I love the colour and cut of her dress and love the way her hair has been braided to give it a more youthful look!

Next up  Anushka + Asin - okay so they're not  groundbreaking WOW outfits but I love the colour on Anushka and the way its been worn - Its elegant yet has an edgy feel to it and Asin looks simply beautiful!

Finally our Sari clad divas, they all seem to have chosen Sari's where the colour is the focal point - Nothing new or amazing however the saris are all very wearable and pretty.

There were two big let downs - firstly Dia who is usually someone I look out for especially as she wears desi outfits very well seemed have picked up something 2 sizes too big - I know volume is in but this is just so overwhelming on her tiny frame. Second has to be Ektaa - I mean what is going on there? To add insult to injury that is a Manish Malhotra outfit - what happened???

Golden Globes:

For one the majority kept away from colour - I am not a fan of pale dresses/looks but that doesn't mean I cant appreciate a beautiful dress when I see one. The most interesting dress was Nicole Kidmans studded Versace Gown but the others to me just fell flat and was it me or were a lot of stars wearing outfits which were really unflattering? Take Note Maddonna (what is that??!!) Freida Pinto (this tiny star looks like like she has massive hips!) Mila Kuni (I bet she doesn't have Love Handles but that dress says otherwise!)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Stop it!

There are two things that really annoy me about some  home based 'designers' out there

1 - Taking credit for other peoples work - this is widespread and so deceiving! As soon as I notice someone is saying 'thank you' beneath a HSY design I think what a loser. The sadder part is when they take credit for something which clearly isn't a designer piece and I know they havent made it which leaves me thinking what the hell do they themselves produce!

I understand a lot of people upload designer photos for clients to take inspiration from; to get an idea of styles, cuts, colour schemes work etc but why don't they clearly mark them as such???!!! Then they wonder why clients are getting peeved off when they receive something which doesn't quite resemble the Umar Sayeed number they think they ordered! Clients are at fault too to some extent but I will say a lot of people abroad aren't so familiar with these big name designers and if someone says its their work then they will naively assume so.

2 - Claiming to offer a big discount when they have never listed the original price in the first place! It wouldn't surprise me if the price never changes. I've ordered from someone who told me a price and then at a later time offered a discount to everyone and when I went back to order got very annoyed at me for correcting her! She honoured it in the end, but that was only because this particular seller has a good reputation and is one of the nicer more genuine ones - but many sellers use such tricks!

I also hate the fact that many designers refuse to list prices... I realize prices are changing all the time due to inflation etc but they cant increase that drastically surely?? There are good vendors out there who list their prices clearly and if the price does go up 6 months down the line will clarify but at least we have a rough idea when we're going through the albums. Everyone starts off with a rough budget when looking for something to buy and it helps to know prices from the onset... also stops one feeling bitter that perhaps a higher price has been quoted just coz we live abroad...

Hhhmmm...... my 2 annoyances seem to have turned into 3!!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Eye Candy - More lace!

I wasn't going to blog it but I've been drooling over it since I saw it yesterday.

The dress is Temperley London and Mascaro and is simply beautiful!

I think this is a style that can easily be adapted for Asian wear - either go with as is for a maxi look or a slightly shorter version with a churidaar. I am not delusional, I realise to get it to sit and flow as below requires real craftsmanship but we're just looking for inspiration!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Iconic Distraction - Sonam Kapoor

Her styling is always spot on - on trend, pretty and young. What I like best about Sonam is that she experiments with styles - just enough to keep her look now but not so much that the whole thing falls flat.

She is not extraordinarily pretty - just pretty in the way most girls are but she knows how to accentuate her looks and is all about presentation - the grooming, hair make up all put together to present a very pretty picture.

Ive seen a few of her movies... lets not say more about those. It kinda spoiled the illusion for me - she looks average on screen sometimes a bit off to be honest but I am still a fan and will always look for Sonam at any event as she is guaranteed to be the best dressed there!

oh - one more thing - no one does red lips like Sonam!!