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Monday, 22 April 2013

Sitwat, Insiya and Rajula

I was going through some old pics I had saved back in 2011 and I thought Id share this particular one with you as it’s such a beautiful image and even though we cannot see the outfit in full you can tell it’s a beauty!

The photo I came across on the Sitwat & Insiya page and the outfit is by Rajula Jaffery – The description the designer sent me is below incase you want to get your imagination going and conjure up an imagine of this delight!

The outfit has been compiled in 4 very rich colored Jamawars, Majenta which is the shirt, Purple and emrald green which was the farshi gharara and the dupatta which is a two tone maysoori chiffon purplish pink colour. 

The heavily worked outfit in Kora, Dapka, Nakhshi, Katdana, Moti and Diamontees has work in 3 shades of oxidized gold and sliver motifs to add an element on the dupatta and gharara. 

The majenta shirt is front open, the Pink Dupatta has work in lines all over has two borders majenta with a bail in oxidized gold, and Purple with silver motifs. The Ghara is purple and green and has motifs in silver and gold.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Abaya Couture

Wow – Just WOW!

I have seen some beautiful abayas on my visits to the arab world – some very elegant, others very much on the blingy side but these that I stumbled across today from Hesseh Abaya Couture are just very very beautiful!

I think they could probably be work as evening dresses too….!

Not on the affordable side – priced at over £500 but lovely for inspiration!

Friday, 12 April 2013

In MY city

So not only is Sabyasachi coming to my city, he is coming to my ‘hood!!!!


I’m worried I’ll turn into a groupie and start following him around…. Ohhh maybe I will even get him to sign my arm *faints*

Better start saving those pennies… or maybe £’s…. maybe even sell something – anything to get me a Sabyasachi!!!

(Actually will just take the husband along and see what happens ;))