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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Black Lace

This my black lace dress which I ordered from Xenabs Atelier some time back - I never got around to sharing with you peeps but here it is... This is a fav of mine - it looks sooo elegant on! It has a Hi-Lo hemline and the Pattis used are so traditional - works really well with the fairly modern cut of the out fit - One of my favs!!

I have to apologise for the quality of the photos and I know I really must start taking more pics when I'm actually wearing the outfits so you can get a better idea of cut...

I requested a simply boat neck for this as I actually have one of those necklace attachments to go with it - however I have never worn them together even though it does work well - I cant actually take a pic of it as I cant seem to find it, however I have a pic that Zainab sent to me with the shop keeper wearing it just to give you an idea... Ooops!!

The outfit was around £70-£80 which considering I got a necklace with it too is fairly reasonable - Zainab worked within my budget and was in touch with me throughout the process and delivered the outfit in time - no complaints!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday - Sabyasachi Day?

Maybe the maestro deserves a whole day to himself?...

Maybe the maestro deserves a whole day to himself?...

Monday, 10 December 2012

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Rani Emaan – My Review

My experience with Rani Emaan staff was fairly good, I emailed them, they emailed back fairly quickly discussed options with me and sent sketches and updates after each discussion. I dealt with a lady named Rizwana who was very helpful throughout the process, I also spoke with Farzeen (one half of the designer duo) who was a pleasure to talk to, friendly and didn't give me any sort of attitude when I mentioned I am on a budget and requested a discount (some Pakistani designers are known to hang up at the mention of a tight budget or a discount request!) The fact that she didn't give me one is beside the point! At least the lady dealt with my request in a polite and tameezdar manner!

The main thing I stumbled on and which proved to be an issue was that they didn't have many examples of the types of kaam (embroidery) they could do on an outfit, its well and good to discuss on the phone but I would have liked to have seen swatches/samples and close up photos to give me an idea…

The Outfit:
My outfit on the whole is very pretty and pretty much what I had requested cut wise, it has a lot of flair and the lining and churidaar are also both very good quality..

The main thing I felt let down by was the kaam… I specifically said I do not like sequins and this is what I got all across the bodice! 

The work below the bodice was lovely however, the sequins were the most prominent.

I am not going to complain too much as I like the outfit in general but when you’re paying designer prices you do feel let down when a main element isn't quite 100%. The other issue which has cropped up many times in the past (not just a RE issue but something I suffer from across the board) is that chiffon just isn't durable – after just a few wears the sleeves are completely ruined and stitching has come undone on one of the kalis… For the price paid I would have liked to have the option to wear it again but it’s in a bit of a state now…

What I love is the kaam they did on the daaman and if they had done the same on the top this would have been a 10/10 outfit for me, again this small issue could have been rectified if only they had provided good quality close ups of the kaam offered.

On the whole I got many compliments on this outfit and did enjoy wearing it – would I recommend Rani Emann? I think so – I've seen many a glowing review especially where bridals are concerned and so would like to put my own issue down to mis-communication – perhaps if I had been more specific from my end and sent pictures of what I wanted rather than relying on them I may have ended up with the perfect outfit!