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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Chikankari - Hot Trend!

Well its hot in hot countries and us westerners may only have a few days of sun left to get the most from this one!!

I used to have loads of chikan outfits; my family are original U.P folk so this kinda stuff floated around so much so I got fed up of it (and it kinda went out of fashion too!)

Anyway - my interest has been rekindled by the numerous pretty kurta's I keep seeing and recent posts in the blog Pink 2.55 has made me take action! How pretty is this??

I am going to get in touch with my Lucknow connections and see if I can get some pretty things shipped out to me! Once I see what these are like I will be happy to help my beautiful readers out too! If you're interested leave a message below! (If you want to keep it private just say and it wont get published)- Lucknowi Chikankari direct from the city of 'Aap -Janaab' and Hazrat Ganj's Basket Chat!

In case you're not familiar with Chikan work it is usually done on cotton and is light threadwork - however heavier outfits can also be made and other fabrics can also be used.