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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Black Lace

This my black lace dress which I ordered from Xenabs Atelier some time back - I never got around to sharing with you peeps but here it is... This is a fav of mine - it looks sooo elegant on! It has a Hi-Lo hemline and the Pattis used are so traditional - works really well with the fairly modern cut of the out fit - One of my favs!!

I have to apologise for the quality of the photos and I know I really must start taking more pics when I'm actually wearing the outfits so you can get a better idea of cut...

I requested a simply boat neck for this as I actually have one of those necklace attachments to go with it - however I have never worn them together even though it does work well - I cant actually take a pic of it as I cant seem to find it, however I have a pic that Zainab sent to me with the shop keeper wearing it just to give you an idea... Ooops!!

The outfit was around £70-£80 which considering I got a necklace with it too is fairly reasonable - Zainab worked within my budget and was in touch with me throughout the process and delivered the outfit in time - no complaints!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday - Sabyasachi Day?

Maybe the maestro deserves a whole day to himself?...

Maybe the maestro deserves a whole day to himself?...

Monday, 10 December 2012

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Rani Emaan – My Review

My experience with Rani Emaan staff was fairly good, I emailed them, they emailed back fairly quickly discussed options with me and sent sketches and updates after each discussion. I dealt with a lady named Rizwana who was very helpful throughout the process, I also spoke with Farzeen (one half of the designer duo) who was a pleasure to talk to, friendly and didn't give me any sort of attitude when I mentioned I am on a budget and requested a discount (some Pakistani designers are known to hang up at the mention of a tight budget or a discount request!) The fact that she didn't give me one is beside the point! At least the lady dealt with my request in a polite and tameezdar manner!

The main thing I stumbled on and which proved to be an issue was that they didn't have many examples of the types of kaam (embroidery) they could do on an outfit, its well and good to discuss on the phone but I would have liked to have seen swatches/samples and close up photos to give me an idea…

The Outfit:
My outfit on the whole is very pretty and pretty much what I had requested cut wise, it has a lot of flair and the lining and churidaar are also both very good quality..

The main thing I felt let down by was the kaam… I specifically said I do not like sequins and this is what I got all across the bodice! 

The work below the bodice was lovely however, the sequins were the most prominent.

I am not going to complain too much as I like the outfit in general but when you’re paying designer prices you do feel let down when a main element isn't quite 100%. The other issue which has cropped up many times in the past (not just a RE issue but something I suffer from across the board) is that chiffon just isn't durable – after just a few wears the sleeves are completely ruined and stitching has come undone on one of the kalis… For the price paid I would have liked to have the option to wear it again but it’s in a bit of a state now…

What I love is the kaam they did on the daaman and if they had done the same on the top this would have been a 10/10 outfit for me, again this small issue could have been rectified if only they had provided good quality close ups of the kaam offered.

On the whole I got many compliments on this outfit and did enjoy wearing it – would I recommend Rani Emann? I think so – I've seen many a glowing review especially where bridals are concerned and so would like to put my own issue down to mis-communication – perhaps if I had been more specific from my end and sent pictures of what I wanted rather than relying on them I may have ended up with the perfect outfit!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Our Obsession - A Guest Post!

Hello People!!

I have a review for you today from the Super Lovely Obsession99! She recently got married *Massive Congrats!!!* and her very cool blog has chronicled her pre-wedding experience which has been a delight to read!

When I saw her gorgeous wedding pics I fell in love with her outfit and she has very kindly shared her experience with designer Sarah Salman below - Enjoy xoxo

Hello there SuperSummer's fans :) I'm Obsession99 & I would like to thank SS for letting me be a part of her purty purty blog!

I recently got married and brides-to-be know how exactly hectic it is to find that ideal Big Day Dress especially if you are somewhere abroad and don't have direct access to Desi bridal wear. 

My reception dress was designed by Sarah Salman, a bestie of my SIL, who is not only a superb designer but also a lovely person to interact with. Since the dress was from my in laws side, my mother in law gave her all the lil' details that she wanted to see in my dress. Briefly, she wanted a long gown in oceanic colors and majority of the blingy embroidery on the lower part of the dress since I was going to be wearing long necklaces (something traditional from my in laws side :D) The order was placed two months before my wedding. 

It was made on time and the process as per my mother in law was really very smooth! I mean where do you see THAT happening these days right? When I saw what I was going to wear, I wanted to scream in excitement! Most brides-to-be would never wait till the last moment to see what they are going to wear on their big day especially if its from their in laws side, but every blood cell inside me was thankful to my in laws for deciding to go with her. Not only were the colors absolutely gorgeous but the embroidery work was something you don't find everywhere. I was in love with my in laws and Sarah all over again! Sarah Salman proved to be a true designer in her work and fine finishing. The embroidery was fine thick dabka and kora, naqsi and Sarah used matching stones on the huge motif on my daman. She took everything my MIL wanted into consideration! Without exaggeration everyone asked me who designed the dress on the reception and I was thrilled to wear it. She made me look like the bride I wanted to be :)

Sarah has a lovely boutique in gulberg where its best for ladies to visit her to see what she has in store since she is also not big on online display of her latest collections. When I had a chance to visit her I instantly fell in love with her formals and bridals. The colors she used were all very unique and appealing unlike what you find at other places where you find all kindsa kinsda colors, you know the hurting-my-eyes kindsa colors.

Her specialty? Light and the prettiest tones everrr so Ima Fan!



Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I'm BACKKK!!!!!!

Was a bit busy doing some great things with  higher purpose!! Now back to reality and life and back to the blog!!!

Have some good things coming your way peeps!!! Got a review coming from a very lovely fellow blogger this week hopefully (hint hint!) I've also finally written up my Rani Emaan review - just got to take pics - Review for 'The Hoop' is also on its way - got the pics ready for this one just need to write and lots of other beautiful bits and pieces!!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Sultry Monday

Another Stunning Sabyasachi number - sooo beautiful!!

Sridevi looks pretty amazing - the whole look is just perrrrrfect!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Boo hooo its Monday!

How colourful, bright and most importantly cheerful!

Something to cheer us up on a Monday!

These suits are from Phulkari in Ilford, London by designer Charu Parashar - not someone I had heard of before but I like these!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Digital Revolution!

Hello people!!
I want to talk about another one of my favourite designers – Tarun Tahiliani! I fell in love with his designs when I spotted Katrina in the most beautiful anarkali I have ever seen!! Big Words I know but I just think it is exquisite!! It’s quite an old design now but I still think it’s GORGEOUS!! Anyway – I tried to contact the  people at TT without any response and didn’t have the time to visit his store on my last trip to Delhi which was I was disappointed about so I just had to let it go… esp as this is a design which in my opinion cant be replicated well!  (If anyone thinks they can, get in touch ;0)

Well…. On to the present!!!
I have been talking a lot about digital prints (I am currently sat in a blue Miss Selfridge Digital Print Top!) and they seem to be everywhere but I just spotted some in Tarun Tahilianis collection on Pernias Pop Up Shop which is the best one I have seen! The outfits have a really good combo of prints, cuts and colours and I love the way he has mixed traditional cuts with modern prints. The suits are my favourite (took me a while to decide)! In particular the anarkali BUT I do love the lehngas too – would be perfect for a mehndi/sangeet! All of these are available on Pernias Pop Up shop which is my current go to site! I can see current collections with prices and details which is sooo helpful! Prices for the TT collection are out of my budget but I am happy to drool from afar and take some inspiration from…. Will let you know what form it takes!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Silky Smooooooooth

My new love is SATIN!!!! well when I say satin I mean silky type fabrics, silk, charmese that kinda thing - you know what I am taking about!! After the chiffon and net overload this change has been in the pipeline for some time!! I've covered silk panneled shirts in the past - then came the silk pattis on lawn and now full blown silk suits seems to be creeping in, Nomi Ansari is launching a whole range of Satin digital prints which look gorgeous - colours are so much more vibrant and really stand out in the fabric.

I havent personally gone the whole silk suit route yet although I am very keen on these Nomi Ansari prints; however, I have recently receieved some shirts that I ordered with silk backs which I just love! I only have pics of the black one at the mo but as you can see I stuck with a Kurta style cut with rounded edges and a dipped hem. I ordered from a seller named Belle Donne whom I discoevered on a forum and she was good to buy from - I ordered many outfits from her for myself and family members and she was helpful throughout the process and best of all has whats app so would send me photos whilst in shops and let me chose my prints that way which was great! She had my suits all stitched and shipped on time and as far as I can see they all fit! A rarity!! there is always some adjustments needed here and there especially when the order is for a mix and match of sizes and styles! Would highly recommend her!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ohh Ahhh Ma-Sa-Ba!

This is on my Wish List – I love this sari – it may not be to everyone’s taste but I love the way it’s quite Bold and trendy! My only issue is that I don’t have a suitable occasion coming up and something like this is so now… Where would you wear it?

At £300+ it’s expensive for what it is but is a real statement piece; personally it needs to be for the right event – unfortunately not something I can horde and hope for something to come up. I am a big masaba fan and love their style - just waiting for the right occassion!

This Masaba number is available from pernias pop up shop which lists lots of designer wear including Sabyasachi – they have some amazing tops etc available too – Look out for my review!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Fabulous!

Happy Friday People!!

Madhuri looking FABULOUS! The outfit and jewelry is pretty too but am just so impressed with how gorgeous she looks – a real beauty!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Eid Mubarak!! Better late than never!!!

So people!!! Seasons Greetings!!!

For Everyone celebrating Eid - Eid Mubarak!!! After all those difficult (yet rewarding) days of fasting how did you all celebrate?? What I really wanna know is what did you wear??!!!

For me - London was roasting and a simple SS lawn suit was as far as I got! The theme remained the same for day 2 - but this time it was a pretty purple Nishat number - nothing jazzy just comfy and temperature appropriate! Cotton desi clothes are such a pleasure to wear on hot sunny days!

I have quite a few SS and each time they arrive I always wonder if I really need to spend £60+ on a lawn suit until I wear them... and then I know its okay - these suits although lawn do have the dressy factor and do stand out especially when stitched well, the dupattas in particular are always beautiful which is the perfect finishing touch to a good outfit. I also had Nishat, Lakhani and 5 star lawn outfits on order this year - nishat is lovely, Lakhani is gorgeous - on par with SS but 5 star deffo looked better in the pictures - in real life the suit I got looks slightly gaudi so will avoid them in future!

Monday, 30 July 2012

My Discovery - Hoop

I love the look of their outfits, the styling and best of all the prices!! All the suits are apparently on pure fabrics and roughly £50 except for the Kurta which is around £25, good right?!.

So far the people at HOOP seem to be pretty helpful! I particularly am loving Kurtas at the moment and have a few silk ones on order from a different seller -will report on those once I get them!

I shall let the images speak for them selves...

Monday, 9 July 2012

Sabyasachi Love

I love this, its just so beautiful!! I know its a bit busy but it still looks so elegant!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Buyer Beware! Another Faker....


I come across these regularly but this one just takes the biscuit - the whole album of 'Glance of our work' is either pictures of original designer suits or photos of other peoples copies!

I know both the photos below of 'Maria's Collection' outfits are in fact originals - what a cheat!!

The sad thing is she has over 4000 likes so the probability of people being conned is high, she may deliver something but people with such poor work ethic should not be given any business in my opinion.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Malaika Adnan

Malaika seems to be a firm favourite with many at the moment and I am hoping to join her fan club!

Unfortunately whenever I have needed outfits in the past - me being totally miss Malaika hasn't been able to accommodate my last minute requests but this time I've spotted an outfit and am in no hurry either!

I really like this outfit below, I love the draping on it and it looks stylish without trying too hard. For me personally I need a bit more shape to my outfits so will discuss with malaika first to see if it can be changed without loosing the essence of the look, I hope something can be done... Will keep you posted!

Whenever I have requested information from Malaika she has been helpful although I think she can be very busy and it does sometimes take her a while to respond so perseverance is needed!

There are a few more stylized outfits coming through from Malaika, she doesn't always post pictures which is a shame but I like what I see!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Samia Ahmed

Samia Ahmed, Not someone I have heard of much in the past but she recently posted pics of some bridals which I think are stunning!!

The first is just Beautiful, I keep seeing many outfits where a few colours  are used but this is one of the few where it works so beautifully!! I also love the way the skirt is full at the bottom giving the whole outfit a lovely shape. To be honest i am getting really bored of the same old long kameez and as much kaam as you can bridals we keep seeing and am desperate to see something new, but I really love this due to the fuller skirt and colour combinations

How elegant is this?? I like the way colour has been used in the kaam to compliment the ivory base. *UPDATE* This beautiful bridal is a peshwaz on mehsuri fabric with solid dobka work and resham work @ 200000 rupees with churidaar pajama.