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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My latest LOVES

Just some stuff I have picked up over the last few weeks...

Okay so its just an oyster card holder but my fellow Londoners will agree (esp those in central) that an oyster card is our best friend and its nice to keep it in something pretty!! I bought this on Friday and although it was pretty cheap it made me very cheerful :0)

I have been wanting this since I smelt it so was happy to see the Husband had a bottle for for me - I now smell DIVINE.

I bought this a few weeks back - was a little wary of the big claims but this really does make my skin look good and it feels really supple and hydrated, its been a while since I've been able to find any sort of foundation/tinted moisturiser/anything that would work on my skin but this is perfect and it actually gives quite good coverage too - Me love you NARS!!

This really DOES somehow smooth make my skin appear flawless - well as close to flawless as is possible - I wear it with the Nars tinted moisturiser for a really good (non greasy) dewy skin look.

On to the not so sure...

I had heard a lot about this and needed an eyeliner whilst on a trip to Dubai so in my excitement bought it there even though it was a lot more expensive than it would have been in London; initially I was very happy - this is so smooth and oh SO black! But I've noticed it smudges easily - could be that its hay-fever season and my eyes maybe more moist than usual but then its so soft I have to sharpen it literally every other time I use it!!So as much as I like it I don't think I am getting value for money here...

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