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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ayesha Umair

I've been noticing Ayesha Umair outfits pop up quite frequently and I love the classic look they all have; the colours, embroidery and cuts all have a mature elegance to them. The second thing I like is they have have posted quite a few close ups of their work which is what really speaks volumes about their own confidence and quality. I wish more designers would do this as there are so many people now selling clothes that we need the added assurance (and evidence!) that their products are up to mark!

I found them to be quick to respond when I requested information about outfits although they were a bit vague with the details, however this could just be due to the volume of requests they get.  Do not expect newcomer rates here though - her prices are pretty high. Prices for the collection below start from Rs 55000 (£380 - That's the price for the last outfit below)) and goes up to Rs 135,000 (£930)! For me personally that ended things there but if anyone else has had experience with them do share!

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