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Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday finding!

Check these outfits out peeps - aren't they gorgeous??

They're by Preeti S Kapoor - yes the original designer and you can see the prices aren't half bad either! They are being sold from a limited time sale on


This first one has a Sabyasachi kinda feel to it - he did a few sari blouses with that sort of look to them... its £331 which isn't cheap but not bad for a quality item - especially as the work around the neckline looks very clean.

Doesn't this remind of the Mina Hassan outfit featured a short while ago? At £197 its a pretty good alternative

This is just GORGEOUS and my personal fav! I love gota work! £269

This black one below would be perfect if it wasn't for the peep neckline - the work on it looks really striking against the black. £291


  1. Black takes my breath away!!

  2. Wanna know the price for orange gota work suit