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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

In times of Austerity...

Ladies, I have a question for you; are we really getting value for money from our lovely 'at home' 'designers' on facebook? Do we really need to spend £100+ on party wear we wear a few times (if its lucky!) and over half that on lawns which really don't cut it further than a family get together?

Or, are we just bored and getting carried away by our desires and just want all the pretty outfits the ladies keep posting pics of for us to lust after?

Okay, to make things clear I am not saying we are necessarily being over charged by the ladies working from home but what I am saying is I think we may be snubbing other cheaper options which are available to us.

I was having a look through the FB page of 'Rair' an Indian manufacturer of suits and saris and noticed some really pretty designs priced very cheaply - stuff you can wear to a dinner or a small party and more importantly clothes that an at home designer would charge a lot more to make a dodgy copy of - she may make it in chiffon as opposed to Georgette but  if you're not gonna wear it much does it really matter?

any who - just my though for the day!!

Outfits below are between £40-£100 - not bad right? I haven't ordered anything yet, the website is difficult to navigate and I do worry they may end up looking cheap but I think at these prices its worth a try...

Anyone else ordered from any of the big online shops?

This last one reminds me of a Rohit Bal outfit I blogged about last year... maybe this is the one to start with - what do you think?


  1. Oh that last one is definitely my favorite. i think you should start with that!

    have to agree with you about the material issue. i would only invest more money in quality outfits if they were casual and i know i'd get alot of wear out of them. but these online shops look very promising!! hope it works out for you :)

  2. I completely agree with you, especially as I'm seeing prices climbing higher than I think I'm getting the value for!

    Send me the link to the Rair group please, I googled it but wasn't sure if I got the right page! x

  3. Here is the link :0)

    Will let you guys know how I get on