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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Austerity Continued...

I have a question for you – I came across this FB group selling second hand formals which got me thinking, many of us don’t get to wear our formals more than a couple of times which for me is heartbreaking; the outfits are lovely and still on trend but quite often the social circle is similar and everyone has seen the outfit on FB photos (damn those friends who post pics of EVERYTHING!!) so repeating an outfit too often just isn’t possible anymore (although trust me ladies… I do push it where I can ;0) so why not sell it on to someone else and make some cash at the same time? I am surprised there aren’t many people doing it already? When I have seen people trying to sell in the past I find they price the outfit too high, no matter how expensive the outfit was to begin with you cannot expect anything close to original price – closer to half price-2/3rds seems fair.

Would you buy something that was in perfect condition but worn already by a faceless person possibly thousands of miles away??

These outfits caught my eye on the page ‘Running Stitch’ and although I haven’t seen their condition if they are close to new then price isn’t bad either.

 Seller Description: 
Designer: Threads and motifs

actual price=15000
Size: S 

Seller Description:
 Rs. 12000
size. Small
embellished Dupatta

Seller Description: 
Once Worn
Designer: Lajwanti
actual price=35000
size: S


  1. I've sold a couple of my outfits on eBay in the past, although there's not really a market for it on there!
    Also, I've asked people the same question about renting a wedding lengha, a lot of asians wouldn't do it as they would want something for their own, not sure I'd go that route myself to be honest!

  2. Hi, can u post the link to where these outfits are from?

  3. Our head says yes - rent your bridal and save a fortune but heart will always say 'I want it forever!!' I think it takes a very practical head and sensible shoulders to rent a bridal. I will cherish mine forever and I think I would hate no to have it.

    Although I think i would defo be open to renting a heavy formal.

  4. the link: