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Monday, 25 June 2012

Buyer Beware! Another Faker....


I come across these regularly but this one just takes the biscuit - the whole album of 'Glance of our work' is either pictures of original designer suits or photos of other peoples copies!

I know both the photos below of 'Maria's Collection' outfits are in fact originals - what a cheat!!

The sad thing is she has over 4000 likes so the probability of people being conned is high, she may deliver something but people with such poor work ethic should not be given any business in my opinion.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Malaika Adnan

Malaika seems to be a firm favourite with many at the moment and I am hoping to join her fan club!

Unfortunately whenever I have needed outfits in the past - me being totally miss Malaika hasn't been able to accommodate my last minute requests but this time I've spotted an outfit and am in no hurry either!

I really like this outfit below, I love the draping on it and it looks stylish without trying too hard. For me personally I need a bit more shape to my outfits so will discuss with malaika first to see if it can be changed without loosing the essence of the look, I hope something can be done... Will keep you posted!

Whenever I have requested information from Malaika she has been helpful although I think she can be very busy and it does sometimes take her a while to respond so perseverance is needed!

There are a few more stylized outfits coming through from Malaika, she doesn't always post pictures which is a shame but I like what I see!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Samia Ahmed

Samia Ahmed, Not someone I have heard of much in the past but she recently posted pics of some bridals which I think are stunning!!

The first is just Beautiful, I keep seeing many outfits where a few colours  are used but this is one of the few where it works so beautifully!! I also love the way the skirt is full at the bottom giving the whole outfit a lovely shape. To be honest i am getting really bored of the same old long kameez and as much kaam as you can bridals we keep seeing and am desperate to see something new, but I really love this due to the fuller skirt and colour combinations

How elegant is this?? I like the way colour has been used in the kaam to compliment the ivory base. *UPDATE* This beautiful bridal is a peshwaz on mehsuri fabric with solid dobka work and resham work @ 200000 rupees with churidaar pajama.

Trucking it

I know its been trendy for a while but I am finally considering jumping on the truck art motif band wagon -what do you think? has this truck gone or is it not too late...?

Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Inspiration

I need a bit of inspiration on a Monday to do anything... especially with London weather not helping  much!

I've been away people and on my travels I spotted this Valentino dress which I thought was very elegant, wearable and SO could make a nice kameez! It would look great with a churidaar.

Apologies for the bad photo quality - I was told off for even taking this so another attempt to capture this was not poss; however there are very delicate cut out flowers in black and white all along the front and slightly ruffled black strips along the sides.