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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Chitrangada in Tarun Tahiliani

What a beautiful outfit this is!! Its actually quite similar in essence to an ombre purple TT Kat has been seen in which I have blogged about previously but I just love this dress – the colours blend so perfectly together and although this has a lot of flair to it its not overwhelming. The belt used for the dupatta draping is just the perfect way to keep a nice clean silhouette and doesn't add bulk at all!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Tabu at the Golden Globes

I think she chose well - Glam yet still elegant!

Dark Red lips

all the rage...

Not a look I can pull off but if I was just a little bit poutier I think an Ox Blood lipstick would be top of my list!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Divine Designs

I need an excuse for a new outfit!!!

I’ve been keeping myself upto date with Divine Designs for a long time and all I've seen is the outfits consistently get better and better – admittedly they’re mostly ‘inspired’ outfits but she seems to do them incredibly well – some of the best I’ve seen in fact and better still her cuts and finishing seems to be neat and clean – something many vendors lack.

Unfortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to order from her yet but I’ve got a few of the outfits clipped – just waiting for the right occasion!!!

Getting to the second most important bit – her prices…. As mentioned Ive watched this particular seller grow – initially I noticed things were a bit hit/miss but recently everything seems to be a hit yet her prices are very reasonable – right up my street!!

As Ive never ordered from her myself I can’t comment on service nor can I go whole hog and recommend however I would highly definitely consider them for future purchases!

Anyone else ordered from them??

This one below is beautiful - its actually been inspired by a suit I've blogged about previously here The work on it is very neat and elegant - quite a nice classic piece to have

This one is 18,000pkr roughly £114 - would make pretty bridesmaid outfits i think...

I found this one to be sooo elegant!!!

and now my FAV!!! I would either get this to wear to and English wedding or the other idea I have is to have this made as a Sari for a little Sabyasachi flavour...

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sonam Sunday

As you know I'm a fan this lady's style - its been a while since I've featured her - so on this grey Sunday here is a bit of Sonam Love!

Saturday, 5 January 2013


I covered the Hoop previously and ordered from them – initially the service was great, she got back to me straight away, sent me colour swatches and was very helpful, my outfits even arrived on time at very short notice which I was very happy with, however on one of the outfits they had completely missed the embroidery, the worst thing was this was an Eid gift for someone so it was rather embarrassing!

When I complained they apologised and offered to send me another suit of my choice – I rejoiced! I thought this is a boutique with good ethics and had even started putting together my glowing review; however after that things have gone from bad to worst… They initially ignored me, I wasn't too worried though as I thought a new suit is being made for me in good faith so I should be patient but then after a couple of months I received an email from one of my lovely followers asking for help as she had sent money and never received anything – that for me was terrible. Obviously the responsibility lies on the individuals head and I only list my personal experience/opnion but I still felt bad for this reader and tried to follow up… the reader was told that her suit is ready to be shipped but there was a bereavement in the Hoop family and I like to believe people don’t lie about such stuff so decided to be patient further but that was over 6 weeks ago and I’ve noticed their page is updated regularly with competitions and press clippings… surely they can take out a few minutes to address a package and ship it??

In my opinion if you take money for an item and don’t deliver that is stealing and this is what they're doing - if there are any changes or updates I shall let you guys know but for the time being L STEER CLEAR!!!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Sobia Nazir + Sana Safinaz

I ordered a couple of outfits from Sunherri Outfits a couple of months back and I was soooo happy with both! Okay they weren't my dream formals, so if you saw the title and were hoping to see some amazing blinging beauties by these amazing designers my apologies!! Back to Sunherri Outfits...The finishing and stitching on both outfits is superrrrb and they're both very elegant outfits - I played it safe with branded outfits but must still give credit to the vendor for her prompt communication and service - 10/10 for her!! (I have ordered a semi formal from her too which I shall blog about shortly...)

Sobia Nazir to begin with... I've never bought anything from her collection before and I have to say I am very much impressed! the outfit looks super elegant and is top quality chiffon too - I love this style with the printed back... although I think I may have over done this look now as I have quite a few like this... anyhow - the embroidered patti adds an extra sparkle to the shirt and I think I will deffo be looking out for more of her stuff!!

I also bought this Sana Safinaz outfit too despite the bad reviews - a lot of people have been complaining that the colour runs etc in the heat - but you know what, where i live its cold most of the time and i desperately wanted to get my hands on this so decided to take my chances - GOOD MOVE!! It looks so pretty in person and the colour allows it to be worn for dressier occasions too me thinks, especially as its a combo of print and resham embroidery! I don't have any close up pics of it yet as I'm away from home at the mo - but there is a photo here which does it justice as well as the one below from the SS page so you guys will need to make do with this until I go home and take more pics!!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Baroque Love

I Love this dress by Roberto Cavalli - its stunning and she shows it off well!!!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Beauty in your name

Okay – so there was a time – well it is still the time when name pendants and initial accessories are associated with our CHAV sisters – for those not familiar with the term – google it and you’ll get what I mean! Anyway – years ago I decided to ignore this and have a gold name pendant made but…. Wait for it in URDU – this is one of my favourite pieces of jewelry and has been copied by friends and family since (much to their denial!!)

Anyhow – I have since seen a lot of blog hype about these Arabic/Urdu calligraphy cocktail rings by Farah Ali and I love!! I've checked and they cost around £50 (factoring in shipping and WU costs) and I am considering getting one… I am just a little undecided between the cocktail shape or the band pendant? Any suggestions? I’m not much of a ring person as I don’t think they suit me so not sure which style will work… will let you know how I get on!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Twenty Thirteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed the break and have much good stuff to look forward to in 2013!!! May it bring happiness and prosperity to alllll my lovely readers!!!

I've been blogging for over a year now and want to thank everyone who follows me and also for all the lovely people who contact me for advice etc – thank you all so much for the feedback and appreciation MUAH!!!

I just want to round up this previous year’s reviews of bought outfits but want to start by mentioning I have a FB page too which you can use to not only remain updated but to also get in touch with me:

Once ‘Liked’ please also do remember to hover over the ‘liked’ button and click on ‘get notifications’ and ‘show in newsfeeds’ to make sure you get updates and …Maybe if you have a few more seconds  also click on the settings button next to ‘Message’ and click on ‘add to interests’ … I’m not asking for a lot am I???!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

After putting together this list I realised Ive been very lazy and missed a few good ones out - will be adding these shortly xoxo