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Friday, 25 May 2012

What we all were waiting to see...

Okay, so its not ground breaking and in my opinion could have done better, however I do like the fact she has gone for a very rustic and Indian look so I am proud of her for going down this road. I am also very supportive of her weight 'issue' which has been very controversial recently. Although I think she is amazingly gorgeous I wouldn't call myself a fan but I was very annoyed with the way the press put her down so much, she is a new mother who has gained some weight - cut the woman some slack! before anyone says shes a celebrity she chose to be scrutinized Mrs. Bachchan seems to have steered away from the media so if anyone was offended by her weight they went out of their way to find her! She wasn't out there flaunting it!

Most women gain weight when pregnant, its normal - Let the woman be!

Back to the outfit! I do like this style of blouse, its the sort of thing you would see an old 'thakoriyan' wearing in bollywood films so feels quite retro but also is a nice move away from the reveal all underwear like 'blouses' we were seeing a few years ago - the 'desi girl' look just didn't sit well with me! It would be interesting to see how this look would translate with a normal sari - i think it would look quite elegant and something I wouldn't mind trying myself!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My latest LOVES

Just some stuff I have picked up over the last few weeks...

Okay so its just an oyster card holder but my fellow Londoners will agree (esp those in central) that an oyster card is our best friend and its nice to keep it in something pretty!! I bought this on Friday and although it was pretty cheap it made me very cheerful :0)

I have been wanting this since I smelt it so was happy to see the Husband had a bottle for for me - I now smell DIVINE.

I bought this a few weeks back - was a little wary of the big claims but this really does make my skin look good and it feels really supple and hydrated, its been a while since I've been able to find any sort of foundation/tinted moisturiser/anything that would work on my skin but this is perfect and it actually gives quite good coverage too - Me love you NARS!!

This really DOES somehow smooth make my skin appear flawless - well as close to flawless as is possible - I wear it with the Nars tinted moisturiser for a really good (non greasy) dewy skin look.

On to the not so sure...

I had heard a lot about this and needed an eyeliner whilst on a trip to Dubai so in my excitement bought it there even though it was a lot more expensive than it would have been in London; initially I was very happy - this is so smooth and oh SO black! But I've noticed it smudges easily - could be that its hay-fever season and my eyes maybe more moist than usual but then its so soft I have to sharpen it literally every other time I use it!!So as much as I like it I don't think I am getting value for money here...

Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday finding!

Check these outfits out peeps - aren't they gorgeous??

They're by Preeti S Kapoor - yes the original designer and you can see the prices aren't half bad either! They are being sold from a limited time sale on


This first one has a Sabyasachi kinda feel to it - he did a few sari blouses with that sort of look to them... its £331 which isn't cheap but not bad for a quality item - especially as the work around the neckline looks very clean.

Doesn't this remind of the Mina Hassan outfit featured a short while ago? At £197 its a pretty good alternative

This is just GORGEOUS and my personal fav! I love gota work! £269

This black one below would be perfect if it wasn't for the peep neckline - the work on it looks really striking against the black. £291

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ayesha Umair

I've been noticing Ayesha Umair outfits pop up quite frequently and I love the classic look they all have; the colours, embroidery and cuts all have a mature elegance to them. The second thing I like is they have have posted quite a few close ups of their work which is what really speaks volumes about their own confidence and quality. I wish more designers would do this as there are so many people now selling clothes that we need the added assurance (and evidence!) that their products are up to mark!

I found them to be quick to respond when I requested information about outfits although they were a bit vague with the details, however this could just be due to the volume of requests they get.  Do not expect newcomer rates here though - her prices are pretty high. Prices for the collection below start from Rs 55000 (£380 - That's the price for the last outfit below)) and goes up to Rs 135,000 (£930)! For me personally that ended things there but if anyone else has had experience with them do share!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Austerity Continued...

I have a question for you – I came across this FB group selling second hand formals which got me thinking, many of us don’t get to wear our formals more than a couple of times which for me is heartbreaking; the outfits are lovely and still on trend but quite often the social circle is similar and everyone has seen the outfit on FB photos (damn those friends who post pics of EVERYTHING!!) so repeating an outfit too often just isn’t possible anymore (although trust me ladies… I do push it where I can ;0) so why not sell it on to someone else and make some cash at the same time? I am surprised there aren’t many people doing it already? When I have seen people trying to sell in the past I find they price the outfit too high, no matter how expensive the outfit was to begin with you cannot expect anything close to original price – closer to half price-2/3rds seems fair.

Would you buy something that was in perfect condition but worn already by a faceless person possibly thousands of miles away??

These outfits caught my eye on the page ‘Running Stitch’ and although I haven’t seen their condition if they are close to new then price isn’t bad either.

 Seller Description: 
Designer: Threads and motifs

actual price=15000
Size: S 

Seller Description:
 Rs. 12000
size. Small
embellished Dupatta

Seller Description: 
Once Worn
Designer: Lajwanti
actual price=35000
size: S

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

In times of Austerity...

Ladies, I have a question for you; are we really getting value for money from our lovely 'at home' 'designers' on facebook? Do we really need to spend £100+ on party wear we wear a few times (if its lucky!) and over half that on lawns which really don't cut it further than a family get together?

Or, are we just bored and getting carried away by our desires and just want all the pretty outfits the ladies keep posting pics of for us to lust after?

Okay, to make things clear I am not saying we are necessarily being over charged by the ladies working from home but what I am saying is I think we may be snubbing other cheaper options which are available to us.

I was having a look through the FB page of 'Rair' an Indian manufacturer of suits and saris and noticed some really pretty designs priced very cheaply - stuff you can wear to a dinner or a small party and more importantly clothes that an at home designer would charge a lot more to make a dodgy copy of - she may make it in chiffon as opposed to Georgette but  if you're not gonna wear it much does it really matter?

any who - just my though for the day!!

Outfits below are between £40-£100 - not bad right? I haven't ordered anything yet, the website is difficult to navigate and I do worry they may end up looking cheap but I think at these prices its worth a try...

Anyone else ordered from any of the big online shops?

This last one reminds me of a Rohit Bal outfit I blogged about last year... maybe this is the one to start with - what do you think?