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Monday, 19 December 2011

Sehar Ali – My Review

I ordered these outfits a while back so cannot comment on current standards but my experience with Sehar was very good!

The suits I ordered were ALL over FB back when I ordered them, that usually puts me off but I just fell in love with the designs and colour combinations. Back then I was a novice and had no idea who the actual designer was nor did I pay much attention until I started getting ridiculously high quotes from sellers offering to replicate them. That’s when I thought if I am going to pay a high price I may as well find out who actually made it and get it direct from the designer!

When I got in touch they were incredibly friendly and were willing to negotiate – I managed to get both suits for the same price I had one seller offering to copy one for!!

Both suits are absolutely beautiful and are fab for parties and dinners. The fabrics are pure and stitching is superb. The suits are prettier than the photos and I fell in love with the photos! Also, they arrived 3 days earlier than requested and that too was in Ramadan a very busy period. I get so many compliments whenever I wear either of them as they look very stylish and elegant. I can’t praise her enough for her customer service either! The only gripe I have is that the colour for one of the suits as you can see is very different to the image which I was not informed of in advance, I was initially a tad annoyed as I wasn’t too keen but since wearing it I actually prefer it as its quite unique and very different to anything I have.

I would definitely order from her again although I think now that she is more established there is less room for negotiating… I did try not too long ago ;0)

PS these photos do not do the outfits any justice – the beauty is in the combination of the work, stitching and fall of the fabric

Below are a few of my favs from her collection


  1. Love the first and second one on the ramp!...what is her price range?!

  2. I think they were £300+ But I don't really remember as I checked a while back - best to ask them directly

  3. Her work looks amazing? Was she reasonable, how much would you say you paid for the 1st 2 outfits on the top of the page.