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Friday, 30 December 2011

Annoying Distraction

*UPDATE* The 'designer' outlined below is Imtizaj wear, i initially didnt want to name her but then decided its best to warn others so they can avoid getting ripped off!

With great regret I am posting about my first bad FB experience.

I've ordered quite a bit online and have been very careful in only ordering from people with a good reputation and can honestly say that I have been very lucky - sometimes things haven't been up to standard and many times not quite as expected which can be disappointing but to be fair to all sellers they have been fairly good at communicating with me and rectifying any issues and usually the errors have been down to miscommunication.

When I had been checking up on other sellers I was interested in ordering from a few people had been directing me to ******* I joined her page and was very impressed with the outfits posted - they all looked well made and a few inspired outfits were the best I had seen. Luckily for me I decided to hold back and only ordered when some winter linens caught my eye. They were really pretty casual's with colourful embroidery and reasonably priced - I struck up a deal with her and placed my order....

That was 9 weeks ago! Since then I have only received one of the outfits and that too was only last week! What we have to bare in mind is that these are simple casuals - yes they're embroidered but they shouldn't have taken that long especially as I was promised delivery within 25 days!

The suit that has arrived is okay - I think it is overpriced (I paid 15000 pak rupees for two embroidered linen suits) as the linen is very thin and of a poor quality and to make matters worse the colour is rubbing off on my hands :( the stitching and embroidery however is good and the kameez has a good ghaira (flare) so its a shame she skimped on the fabric as otherwise its a nice outfit.

The second outfit has ended up on another continent all together - I know these things happen and that wouldn't warrant such annoyance on my part - I am a pretty easy going girl! What angers me is lack of communication from the sellers part - it took her two weeks just to tell me the outfits have finally been shipped which ended up being a lie as when I did eventually get a tracking number it showed the actual shipping date to be a week later! I also haven't heard anything about my missing suit for over a week. Its not nice to be ignored... Lets just hope it eventually turns up. I have faith she isn't a fraud especially as I know its been shipped but I know I will never order again from her.

Where did I go wrong? What I should have done is contacted a few of the people that have been tagged in her clients album before placing an order as I would have then gotten a better idea of her standards - when I initially didn't hear back from her I panicked and emailed a few of these clients for her phone number and of the 5 I emailed 4 complained about her! All saying that the odd outfit she did well and everything else was of poor quality and every single one said their outfits always arrived super late!

People Please - if you're not 100% satisfied with a seller then please don't allow them to display your pics as happy satisfied clients!!

I am of the opinion that even though I have certain sellers that I like, I prefer to buy what I can see as disappointment is usually a result of receiving something slightly different to expected. This time it unfortunately hasn't fully gone in my favour!

* I have mulled over whether or not to name the seller - the whole point of this blog is to help others but I have not named the seller as I am not keen on trashing anyone publicly on here despite the bad customer service I have received at least on outfit and second should be here at some point - you never know what is going on behind the scenes everyone has their own issues.  If anyone wants some advice feel free to contact me either by commenting on here (you can state if you don't want your comment published) or through my FB page I have shared my experience so lessons can be learnt!


  1. That's really bad... Sorry to hear the outfit didn't come out as planned.... What was the home base designer called?

  2. hi,
    I am thinking even if the seller had a problem due to which she cant send the clothes why doesnt she come clean and tell you that?

  3. My friend at obsession99 triggered me to come back to this post - i gave the seller a long time to deal with it and she stopped communicating with me so people - please AVOID Imtizaj wear!

  4. IMTIZAJ IS A FRAUD!!!! They took over £1000 off for an order that they never sent me. I am having the owner tracked down by a PI. It's no longer about the money but the principle.