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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mausummery Winter Collection

My latest purchase arrived yesterday - a parcel full of casual winter clothes for me and my family!

I ordered a couple of Mausummery 'winter' linens and some Sana Safinaz lawns.

The SS lawns are old news now so I'll leave those out...

On to the 'winter' wear, I am not particularly familiar with Pakistani fabric brands but when looking for some casual winter wear they had to be my first call - its just easier to go online, look through a catalogue and get someone reliable from Pak to have them stitched and shipped. 

I did a bit of research and settled on Mausummery and Nishat, unfortunately the Nishat ones were all out of stock which was a bit of a disappointment but hey ho - we cant always get what we want! What I liked most about the Mausummery catalogue is that it made clear if the outfit can be stitched in the style displayed. My only gripe is they didn't display a swatch of the colours available - although having alternative colours listed at all was very helpful. Many other catalogues have outfits stitched in elaborate styles which often require the purchase of double the amount of fabric or worse still don't even have the embroidery on the fabric at all which they don't even make clear!! Personally I think that's cheating and very deceptive!! 

I wanted these to be warm outfits, especially the ones for my mother but was surprised to see they weren't what I would call winter wear - the fabric is lovely but not particularly warm - just feels like a thicker lawn to be honest. These suits are for the Pakistani market so I suppose warm enough for most. I did think at the time of ordering it was weird that here in the UK we get linens for the summer but in Pak that is what winter wear is called - I foolishly thought it would be thicker linen perhaps - but my fault - need to swat up on my fabrics!!

The embroidery on the suits is neat and they generally look like nice, good quality casual outfits which I can wear out for informal get togethers.

I ordered all the suits through a group called 'Kapray Shapray' on FB - the lady running this is brilliant to work with; she is very informative, has good suggestions and responds very quickly! I have ordered a few times from her now but have stuck with stitched branded fabrics. The fitting and stitching is to a good standard too. she has formals and bridals also - her bridals in particular look good.

Ayesha from Kapray Shapray has suggested if I want something warmer to stick with Khaddar next time - Lesson Learnt!!

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