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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Beautiful Bridal

I saw this wedding video this morning and just had to share it! I've seen quite a few very good ones but this particularly caught my eye as I LOVE the brides look. I am a sucker for very traditional bridal looks and hers is just stunning!

The jewellery is shamelessly elaborate yet elegant and compliments her outfit with its traditional gotta work, colours and cut. I cant see much of the bottom which I imagine is a gharara but it looks as though the emphasis is on the beautiful dupatta and three different colours have been used.

I also have to give it to Guddu Shani for capturing the details and moments between the bride and groom in a light and airy fashion - the clip just looks very pretty and romantic!

After some digging it turns out the bride Hilia designed her own outfit - Great work!

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