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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Muzna Hameed - Todays Distraction

I lied - Muzna distracted me not today but a few weeks ago but I just remembered now and thought I'd share!

It was this Nickie Nina-esque outfit which actually caught my eye - I like the way the different shades, colours and embroidery come together to form quite a pretty outfit. Its simple yet eye catching and as I have a thing for green at the moment it is hitting all the right notes with its forest like shades! I have been quoted just under 17000 which is around £120 which I think is a little on the pricey side for what it is.

The second outfit which made me look is this dressier number below- again I like the colour combination, it appears to be on silk which is a nice and welcome change from chiffon (which gets my goat with its constant snagging - that's a whole different rant post still to come!) the bodice appears to be heavily embroidered and I imagine it will be quite the eye turner at any function. This seems to be priced more reasonably for what it is at around £300 provided the work is of a high standard which for a bonafide designer I imagine it should be.

Muzna was fairly quick to respond and knowing she showcases at fashion lounge Pakistan Lahore gives piece of mind that at least she will aim to deliver a quality outfit.  I don't plan on ordering anything from her collection her at the mo, but will definatitley be keeping an eye on what she has coming up. Some of her other designs I like follow.

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