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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Afsha & Nuzhat

Looks Promising…

I received an email from this group today directing me to their page. All the pictures seem to be original and have been taken in the same room which is always a good sign! An address and phone number is also provided so they appear to be genuine

The designs aren’t massively original but look well made and the Navy Blue one has caught my eye!

I have no idea of prices at this stage but will keep you posted!


  1. Hi there! Just found your blog from Afsha & Nuzhat's page. I can totally understand your addiction to desi wear on facebook. pretty much takes up half my day nowadays too :D but always wonder if these sellers are genuine. if you ever get around to ordering from Afsha & Nuzhat, do let me know your experience. in the meanwhile, i'll stay hooked to your blog :D

  2. afsha from afsha and nuzhat,

    one can be 200% sure to get the best outfit ever from us. we are here to build ourselves a good reputation and not copy other designers. we have our own creations and try and be original. we personally supervise each outfit to give the best we can and use the best of embellishments that are available. our prices are also reasonable and we want to cater to the affordability of everyone.