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Friday, 16 December 2011


When our prince married his princess I was reminded of the beauty of lace!

Others may disagree but I adored the wedding dress which was suitably elegant, feminine, stylishly timeless and fitting for a royal!

I was inspired back then to order myself a lace suit - even went as far as drawing a sketch but never got around to ordering it but it is now next on my list! I am yet to come across a lace design that I like enough to order so will need to get sketching again! I am considering getting something panelled with other fabrics so the lace is not overwhelming however, I find too much complication can leave lace outfits on the tacky side... Lets see what happens!

In the meantime I am satisfying my obsession with bits and bobs from the high street and my all time online fav ASOS!

Today I picked up this very pretty black lace blazer from Zara -  the very feminine fabric is nicely balanced by a classic masculine cut - its very lightweight so with the current weather not sure when I will get around to wearing it but Me Love!

Lace is right on trend and incorporated in with a classic cut blazer this will make nice classic addition to my wardrobe :0)

They also have a very pretty clutch which I have my eye on...

1 comment:

  1. I thought Kate's dress was beautiful and so modest in a lovely way.
    Im nuts about lace too, went through a lace phase a few years back. Your jacket is lovely though, Im very tempted to check out ASOS myself now! x