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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Twenty Thirteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed the break and have much good stuff to look forward to in 2013!!! May it bring happiness and prosperity to alllll my lovely readers!!!

I've been blogging for over a year now and want to thank everyone who follows me and also for all the lovely people who contact me for advice etc – thank you all so much for the feedback and appreciation MUAH!!!

I just want to round up this previous year’s reviews of bought outfits but want to start by mentioning I have a FB page too which you can use to not only remain updated but to also get in touch with me:

Once ‘Liked’ please also do remember to hover over the ‘liked’ button and click on ‘get notifications’ and ‘show in newsfeeds’ to make sure you get updates and …Maybe if you have a few more seconds  also click on the settings button next to ‘Message’ and click on ‘add to interests’ … I’m not asking for a lot am I???!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

After putting together this list I realised Ive been very lazy and missed a few good ones out - will be adding these shortly xoxo

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