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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Beauty in your name

Okay – so there was a time – well it is still the time when name pendants and initial accessories are associated with our CHAV sisters – for those not familiar with the term – google it and you’ll get what I mean! Anyway – years ago I decided to ignore this and have a gold name pendant made but…. Wait for it in URDU – this is one of my favourite pieces of jewelry and has been copied by friends and family since (much to their denial!!)

Anyhow – I have since seen a lot of blog hype about these Arabic/Urdu calligraphy cocktail rings by Farah Ali and I love!! I've checked and they cost around £50 (factoring in shipping and WU costs) and I am considering getting one… I am just a little undecided between the cocktail shape or the band pendant? Any suggestions? I’m not much of a ring person as I don’t think they suit me so not sure which style will work… will let you know how I get on!

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