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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Divine Designs

I need an excuse for a new outfit!!!

I’ve been keeping myself upto date with Divine Designs for a long time and all I've seen is the outfits consistently get better and better – admittedly they’re mostly ‘inspired’ outfits but she seems to do them incredibly well – some of the best I’ve seen in fact and better still her cuts and finishing seems to be neat and clean – something many vendors lack.

Unfortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to order from her yet but I’ve got a few of the outfits clipped – just waiting for the right occasion!!!

Getting to the second most important bit – her prices…. As mentioned Ive watched this particular seller grow – initially I noticed things were a bit hit/miss but recently everything seems to be a hit yet her prices are very reasonable – right up my street!!

As Ive never ordered from her myself I can’t comment on service nor can I go whole hog and recommend however I would highly definitely consider them for future purchases!

Anyone else ordered from them??

This one below is beautiful - its actually been inspired by a suit I've blogged about previously here The work on it is very neat and elegant - quite a nice classic piece to have

This one is 18,000pkr roughly £114 - would make pretty bridesmaid outfits i think...

I found this one to be sooo elegant!!!

and now my FAV!!! I would either get this to wear to and English wedding or the other idea I have is to have this made as a Sari for a little Sabyasachi flavour...

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  1. the third suit (navy blue) is a replica of of azza's design and they've done it pretty well! i just checked their fb page and their replicas look quite nice. let us know about your experience if you ever place an order :)