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Saturday, 5 January 2013


I covered the Hoop previously and ordered from them – initially the service was great, she got back to me straight away, sent me colour swatches and was very helpful, my outfits even arrived on time at very short notice which I was very happy with, however on one of the outfits they had completely missed the embroidery, the worst thing was this was an Eid gift for someone so it was rather embarrassing!

When I complained they apologised and offered to send me another suit of my choice – I rejoiced! I thought this is a boutique with good ethics and had even started putting together my glowing review; however after that things have gone from bad to worst… They initially ignored me, I wasn't too worried though as I thought a new suit is being made for me in good faith so I should be patient but then after a couple of months I received an email from one of my lovely followers asking for help as she had sent money and never received anything – that for me was terrible. Obviously the responsibility lies on the individuals head and I only list my personal experience/opnion but I still felt bad for this reader and tried to follow up… the reader was told that her suit is ready to be shipped but there was a bereavement in the Hoop family and I like to believe people don’t lie about such stuff so decided to be patient further but that was over 6 weeks ago and I’ve noticed their page is updated regularly with competitions and press clippings… surely they can take out a few minutes to address a package and ship it??

In my opinion if you take money for an item and don’t deliver that is stealing and this is what they're doing - if there are any changes or updates I shall let you guys know but for the time being L STEER CLEAR!!!!


  1. uh oh... so i'm not alone with that..

  2. No, you're not. I'm also in the same boat :(

  3. happened to me too, the quality of their embroidery is so bad im too embarrased to wear the outfit. And when i gently asked them to fix it, they ignored me. This is about 6 months ago!

  4. True, they've been a little active while taking the order, but then they disappeared. The delivery was on time though, as i asked for a kaaftan and they simply put a single stitch across a square piece and delivered to me, minus the dot like embrodery across the front as shown in picture, and the dori which makes it beautiful. Unlike other online pages,I suppose i'm not recommending or getting back to them.