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Friday, 4 January 2013

Sobia Nazir + Sana Safinaz

I ordered a couple of outfits from Sunherri Outfits a couple of months back and I was soooo happy with both! Okay they weren't my dream formals, so if you saw the title and were hoping to see some amazing blinging beauties by these amazing designers my apologies!! Back to Sunherri Outfits...The finishing and stitching on both outfits is superrrrb and they're both very elegant outfits - I played it safe with branded outfits but must still give credit to the vendor for her prompt communication and service - 10/10 for her!! (I have ordered a semi formal from her too which I shall blog about shortly...)

Sobia Nazir to begin with... I've never bought anything from her collection before and I have to say I am very much impressed! the outfit looks super elegant and is top quality chiffon too - I love this style with the printed back... although I think I may have over done this look now as I have quite a few like this... anyhow - the embroidered patti adds an extra sparkle to the shirt and I think I will deffo be looking out for more of her stuff!!

I also bought this Sana Safinaz outfit too despite the bad reviews - a lot of people have been complaining that the colour runs etc in the heat - but you know what, where i live its cold most of the time and i desperately wanted to get my hands on this so decided to take my chances - GOOD MOVE!! It looks so pretty in person and the colour allows it to be worn for dressier occasions too me thinks, especially as its a combo of print and resham embroidery! I don't have any close up pics of it yet as I'm away from home at the mo - but there is a photo here which does it justice as well as the one below from the SS page so you guys will need to make do with this until I go home and take more pics!!

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  1. I have the sobia nazir print, and absolutely LOVE it! I was also going to get the same SS one also, but backed out due to the bad reviews. Hope you love both of yours! :)