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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Todays Distraction - Rubina Khan

Something for you Northerners today.... Well Northern England for my international readers!!

What I liked most about her album is that there are different designs and its not just full of replicas - everything seems to be well made, trendy and with a nice selection of materials, colours and cuts. Prices are okay too, they start at around £120 - considering you can actually go to the shop (if you are local) and see the fabric and quality itself rather than relying on photos from a faceless seller - the small premium is justified!

I've never seen her work myself but I've heard good things about her so someone to keep in mind my fellow shopaholics!!


  1. i've purchased some stunning casual wears from there! really reasonably priced, worth a visit!!!

  2. i'v bought some stunning casual wears from there! reasonably prices, definately worth a visit!