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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pure Sari LOVE!!

Two Saris have caught my eye this morning... Lets start with my fav!

I completely love this sari - this is the first outfit I've seen in a while that I just want - it is so beautiful and wearable and is in my fav colour too!! Purple looks amazing in velvet and its so beautifully contrasted with the light pink. The blouse -oh so gorgeous!!!

I am gonna have to contact those people at Sabyasachi and find out how much it is...

* UPDATE - Its $2700 roughly £1600 which is a tad too expensive for me!

Second sari - This is NOT a Sonam Fan Club but I just have to give it to the girl for always catching my eye! Here its not just about the sari - the sari is just nice - its more how she has worn it; the bright lips and make up really uplift the whole look! I am still undecided about the shrug but it does seem to add a sense of elegance to the ensemble.


  1. I love Anushka's saree. It's simply gorgeous and it's so easy to guess it Sabyasachi's.

    And Sonam's look is overall nice I guess, trying to do something different with the saree, I think she wore it a fashion event in Paris, vaguesly remember seeing this on TV while dressing up!

    Thanks for posting this. :)


  2. I love the velvet look Anushka has going on here, I love how tasteful velvet can look and it looks very well done on her here, with beautiful colour combinations.

    Can't say I love Sonam's look too much, but it's an interesting attempt to add a bolero to a sari and Sonam still looks quite elegant - it could have looked a lot worse on someone else!