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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

To all things Sunherri like a crow

I have been keeping an eye on 'Sunherri Outfits' for some time now and I like the way she produces nice clean outfits at a good price. What I like best is that she uploads photos of fabrics available in the market that can be stitched however you want. Turnaround appears to be pretty quick and prices are fair for casuals and light party wear. She is always very quick to get back to me and helpful with details etc.  Despite me always asking and not buying (yet) she is always polite and patient - I hope to move forward from my window shopping one day but for the time being here are a few of my favs.

To start with is the Maria B inspired outfit - I think this has been made quite well and and considering this is roughly £130 its a good option for a party goer on a budget. It provides quite a heavy yet stylish look which can easily been worn for a wedding or the like. It looks quite nice n the mannequin with an average quality photo (I've seen amazing outfits photograph badly under such conditions) so I imagine it will be prettier on. Sometimes I think we spend a fortune trying to get the perfect kaam, fabric etc. when you don't always need to go all out and a similar effect can be achieved with the right styling and look.

Below are some of the fabrics currently uploaded, I particularly like the Jamevaar and Palachi combo - in my head it seems to work - but who knows ;)

Lace and velvet combo on this one... two trends combined!

Embossed Velvet - very elegant!

Lastly my current favourite is this beige embroidered outfit - this appears to be a Manish Malhotra inspiration which seems to work quite nicely with the fabrics used

I think Sunherri Outfits is a good option for casual/ light party wear and for something heavier when on a budget. Her prices seem reasonable and she appears to be reliable too from the feedback I've seen on her page

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