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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Stop it!

There are two things that really annoy me about some  home based 'designers' out there

1 - Taking credit for other peoples work - this is widespread and so deceiving! As soon as I notice someone is saying 'thank you' beneath a HSY design I think what a loser. The sadder part is when they take credit for something which clearly isn't a designer piece and I know they havent made it which leaves me thinking what the hell do they themselves produce!

I understand a lot of people upload designer photos for clients to take inspiration from; to get an idea of styles, cuts, colour schemes work etc but why don't they clearly mark them as such???!!! Then they wonder why clients are getting peeved off when they receive something which doesn't quite resemble the Umar Sayeed number they think they ordered! Clients are at fault too to some extent but I will say a lot of people abroad aren't so familiar with these big name designers and if someone says its their work then they will naively assume so.

2 - Claiming to offer a big discount when they have never listed the original price in the first place! It wouldn't surprise me if the price never changes. I've ordered from someone who told me a price and then at a later time offered a discount to everyone and when I went back to order got very annoyed at me for correcting her! She honoured it in the end, but that was only because this particular seller has a good reputation and is one of the nicer more genuine ones - but many sellers use such tricks!

I also hate the fact that many designers refuse to list prices... I realize prices are changing all the time due to inflation etc but they cant increase that drastically surely?? There are good vendors out there who list their prices clearly and if the price does go up 6 months down the line will clarify but at least we have a rough idea when we're going through the albums. Everyone starts off with a rough budget when looking for something to buy and it helps to know prices from the onset... also stops one feeling bitter that perhaps a higher price has been quoted just coz we live abroad...

Hhhmmm...... my 2 annoyances seem to have turned into 3!!!

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  1. wow, you named it all! thanx alot dear!