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Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes Vs Colors Screen Awards

I was very disappointed with this years red carpet appearances at the Golden Globes- since I was a little girl I've always loved going through photos of the stars in beautiful gowns but last night there was not one dress/look that made me go 'wow' - BUT our Bollywood babes didn't let me down - There were some real stunners with a mix of traditional and western outfits - Lets start with the best of the bunch!

Colors Screen Awards:

My fav has to be Deepika; Deepika is an absolute stunner - I think she is one of the most beautiful women in Bollywood and looks amazing both in movies and in stills - she tends to play it safe with her wardrobe but always manages to look beautiful and elegant. I love the colour and cut of her dress and love the way her hair has been braided to give it a more youthful look!

Next up  Anushka + Asin - okay so they're not  groundbreaking WOW outfits but I love the colour on Anushka and the way its been worn - Its elegant yet has an edgy feel to it and Asin looks simply beautiful!

Finally our Sari clad divas, they all seem to have chosen Sari's where the colour is the focal point - Nothing new or amazing however the saris are all very wearable and pretty.

There were two big let downs - firstly Dia who is usually someone I look out for especially as she wears desi outfits very well seemed have picked up something 2 sizes too big - I know volume is in but this is just so overwhelming on her tiny frame. Second has to be Ektaa - I mean what is going on there? To add insult to injury that is a Manish Malhotra outfit - what happened???

Golden Globes:

For one the majority kept away from colour - I am not a fan of pale dresses/looks but that doesn't mean I cant appreciate a beautiful dress when I see one. The most interesting dress was Nicole Kidmans studded Versace Gown but the others to me just fell flat and was it me or were a lot of stars wearing outfits which were really unflattering? Take Note Maddonna (what is that??!!) Freida Pinto (this tiny star looks like like she has massive hips!) Mila Kuni (I bet she doesn't have Love Handles but that dress says otherwise!)


  1. i liked frieda pintos dress in a way.Wonder why it got negative comments

  2. Varsha I think it just didnt flow well - i know that fabric is a bit different but it just wasnt working - when i actually watched the golden globes some of the dresses did actually look a lot better. What did stick out was how flawless Freidas make up was - her skin looked beautiful!!!

  3. Fashionistas stop - Lots of Blog love at ya!!