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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Malaika Adnan

Malaika seems to be a firm favourite with many at the moment and I am hoping to join her fan club!

Unfortunately whenever I have needed outfits in the past - me being totally miss Malaika hasn't been able to accommodate my last minute requests but this time I've spotted an outfit and am in no hurry either!

I really like this outfit below, I love the draping on it and it looks stylish without trying too hard. For me personally I need a bit more shape to my outfits so will discuss with malaika first to see if it can be changed without loosing the essence of the look, I hope something can be done... Will keep you posted!

Whenever I have requested information from Malaika she has been helpful although I think she can be very busy and it does sometimes take her a while to respond so perseverance is needed!

There are a few more stylized outfits coming through from Malaika, she doesn't always post pictures which is a shame but I like what I see!!


  1. What companies are good to get outfits made to order? Bargello is so expensive!

  2. Farah it really depends on what you're after?

    have a look through the blog for reviews and feel free to email me through my FB page

  3. its funny how i feel exactly the same way about malaika's label ... the responses are just too slow or none at all :( ... really like her conceptions though.
    ill try buying something off the rack from her when im in pk :) - less hassle for both of us!

  4. Thank you for the blog update .Also i would like to inform everyone that its not that we dont reply to anyone ,delay is duee to huge number of emails that we get .Its better if you can call on the mentioned numbers for order placement or email at