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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Our Obsession - A Guest Post!

Hello People!!

I have a review for you today from the Super Lovely Obsession99! She recently got married *Massive Congrats!!!* and her very cool blog has chronicled her pre-wedding experience which has been a delight to read!

When I saw her gorgeous wedding pics I fell in love with her outfit and she has very kindly shared her experience with designer Sarah Salman below - Enjoy xoxo

Hello there SuperSummer's fans :) I'm Obsession99 & I would like to thank SS for letting me be a part of her purty purty blog!

I recently got married and brides-to-be know how exactly hectic it is to find that ideal Big Day Dress especially if you are somewhere abroad and don't have direct access to Desi bridal wear. 

My reception dress was designed by Sarah Salman, a bestie of my SIL, who is not only a superb designer but also a lovely person to interact with. Since the dress was from my in laws side, my mother in law gave her all the lil' details that she wanted to see in my dress. Briefly, she wanted a long gown in oceanic colors and majority of the blingy embroidery on the lower part of the dress since I was going to be wearing long necklaces (something traditional from my in laws side :D) The order was placed two months before my wedding. 

It was made on time and the process as per my mother in law was really very smooth! I mean where do you see THAT happening these days right? When I saw what I was going to wear, I wanted to scream in excitement! Most brides-to-be would never wait till the last moment to see what they are going to wear on their big day especially if its from their in laws side, but every blood cell inside me was thankful to my in laws for deciding to go with her. Not only were the colors absolutely gorgeous but the embroidery work was something you don't find everywhere. I was in love with my in laws and Sarah all over again! Sarah Salman proved to be a true designer in her work and fine finishing. The embroidery was fine thick dabka and kora, naqsi and Sarah used matching stones on the huge motif on my daman. She took everything my MIL wanted into consideration! Without exaggeration everyone asked me who designed the dress on the reception and I was thrilled to wear it. She made me look like the bride I wanted to be :)

Sarah has a lovely boutique in gulberg where its best for ladies to visit her to see what she has in store since she is also not big on online display of her latest collections. When I had a chance to visit her I instantly fell in love with her formals and bridals. The colors she used were all very unique and appealing unlike what you find at other places where you find all kindsa kinsda colors, you know the hurting-my-eyes kindsa colors.

Her specialty? Light and the prettiest tones everrr so Ima Fan!



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