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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My favourite bollywood looks this diwali

You may not have tired yet of the mithai  or fireworks and I'm sure the festivities will continue strongly into the weekend but these two ladies wowed me so much with their gorgeous-ness that I had to super speed in a Diwali  favourites post!!

Let's start with Deepika, she really is stunning  which is just standard with all her looks but I'm loving absolutely everything about this look. Classic sari, classic hair do, classic jhumkis and then a gorgeous green smokey eye.

Then there's Kareena, how far has she come?! She looks absolutely stunning in both outfits. I think she could have played up the brown sabyasachi with a cleaner Base and stronger lip but hey let's not be too picky!!

These photos are making me want to wear my my hair in a centre parted low bun, seems to be a bit of a theme with many diwali  looks.... 

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