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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ayesha Yousaf - My review


Hope you're all well and the cold isn't getting too much? Its actually a beautiful sunny day in London... super cold but so sunny - everything looks so much better and my mood just flies high when the sun is shining :)

Whilst I sit here with an egg mask in my hair (Egg, black seed oil and some cider vinegar to combat the smell) and another mask on my face (Elemis - Papaya enzyme peel, highly recommend the line!) its about time I shared my experience with Ayesha Yousaf with you all.... a designer that came highly recommended to me and one that I recommend myself - never has the process been so simple and fruitful!

If you're looking for something Elan-esque... with that kinda vibe going on then Ayesha Yousaf is for you. I don't want to take anything away from the designer by comparing her to Elan; Ayesha Yousaf is a very established brand in itself but its the nearest comparison I can think of.

It was a simple process for me, I flipped through her client album fell in love with this style and requested a sleeved version of this with Bordeaux as the contrasting colour.

Ladies its as simple as that! I emailed my requirements, mentioned my budget and got a response pretty quickly saying they could make a lighter version for me and would need to omit some of the work along the front and the 'jaal' work from the daman which I didn't mind. I paid, chased it up just once and then my beautiful outfit arrived and that too on time, beautifully wrapped in branded tissue paper.... something many 'high end' designers seem to skip on but does enhance customer experience overall; reassures that you have bought a quality product from a brand that respects its customers opinion (that's my marketing/branding side appreciating there!)!

The work on this is really beautiful, when it arrived I couldn't stop admiring each and every detail as all the work on it is very intricate; zardosi and thread work with little pearls and beads placed perfectly bringing together a very dressed up but also very elegant look. The work along the neckline is gorgeous but my favourite bits have to be the scalloped sleeves and hem of the kameez; completely uplifts the whole look! The kameez is net which is great as it means it will wear far better than chiffon and although net does sometimes catch on the work it handles this much better and hopefully the fabric will remain in tact for many wears to come!

In all with shipping etc this cost around £300 which I am happy with as it has quite a luxurious, unique look being fairly embellished and chic at the same time. I wore this to a very special family wedding and it was more than suitable, the best thing is, on a recent trip to India my mother had brought back a kundan set which had the same green drops as the work on the kameez, I couldn't wear the necklace as the work on the neckline was more than enough but the earrings complemented perfectly - what a result!

My lovely earrings

I don't believe I need to repeat myself in emphasizing how much I recommend Ayesha Yousaf because the photos above speak for themselves!!

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  1. What a gorgeous outfit! I'm envious of your wardrobe!