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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

SuperSummer's Top tip - Sell OFF all your super long shirts!! - Frugal Fashionista

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all good and if you're in the UK hope you had a super fabulous bank holiday weekend!!

So, I had a wonderful reader email me asking if I had anything I wanted to sell clothes wise as she needed something to wear to an upcoming wedding and was looking for something which shouted out 'high end' but was pocket friendly too... I get asked this a lot and I've always been a bit reluctant but the tides are changing....

We all know what its like, especially if you mix in the same circles all the time, although there is nothing wrong with repeating outfits at all but understandably no one wants to repeat too close to the last wear and sometimes by the time you feel its okay to repeat the outfit it may not be in style and so you've just spent a fortune on something and not really been able to get full wear out of it.

Or it could simply be that the style didn't suit you or you have changed shape and it doesn't fit

Personally I am reasonably lucky - I have a few different sets of circles so usually am able to wear outfits quite a few times which helps make me sleep better at night!!

Anyway - back to the topic! The lovely Zee who emailed me initially has set up a page doing something similar to what I've been thinking of for a while called 'Desi Frugal Fashionista'- A place to buy and sell gently used outfits whilst they're still in fashion but also at a reasonable price so you are able to actually SELL the stuff - her three main rules are:

1. You must list the outfit for half price or less than what was originally paid. It may hurt to sell something for half the price if you have only worn it once but on the flip side if the discount you're offering is only nominal why would anyone buy something that's already been worn and they haven't seen the condition of either?

2. Must still be in fashion - lets be realistic no one really wants to buy something which looks dated

3. Must be in excellent condition

So ladies before it goes totally out of fashion or just sits in your wardrobe until you're bored of it why not sell it on, make a little bit of money and use that towards your next purchase??

Sell OFF all your super long shirts!! - Okay style comes from within and we must not let trends dictate but whether you like it or not we will all be in short shirts pretty soon; well actually, will probably take 12-18 months for full transition but why not try and sell off the super long ones whilst you still can?? What do you think????

This is slightly controversial and its meant to be to get you all debating - I know we will see floor length maxi type dresses for a while yet but for the on trend fashionista its time raise the hemlines?

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