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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Asian Designers UK - Agha Noor Kurta


I thought I should nip in this quick review in case any of you still have last minute Eid outfit requirements - my bad - probs not possible to get anything in time for Eid now but maybe you can still squeeze something in for Post Eid events this weekend??

I was just browsing FB as I do when I came across a few Kurta's for sale from Asian Designers UK - it was listed at £30 which is a pretty good price for a silk embellished Kurta in my opinion especially when you don't have to add high shipping and money transfer costs so I got in touch.

Marwa was incredibly helpful, answered all my sizing queries very promptly over whatsApp and sent me suggestions for another outfit I was also interested in - the second outfit didn't work out but she still remained very helpful and even later sent me some alternative suggestions. She wasn't pushy at all, just came up with suggestions suited to my requirements.

I transferred the money + shipping costs (3.99) and received the kurta by first class post the following day - such a simple process :)

I would highly recommend having a look through her page if you are after casual/semi formals

The Kurta it self is lovely, looks exactly like the pics and actually for the price quite dressy too - I'm happy!!

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  1. ahem ahem lady I have exact same kurta I got three days ago =p

  2. They are lovely! I ordered an Agha Noor kurta from them a few months ago after seeing their stuff on Instagram, they were brilliant :) Love the kurta you got too!

  3. Wow, such a pretty design kurta! Love it <3