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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mina Hasan

Hello my lovely readers!

Yes I have been very quiet lately - no posts for over a month - shocking I know but hopefully I can get back on track; if i am a bit slow just bare with me peeps!!

I've been on holiday! I visited some amazing places, attended a very beautiful wedding (where I saw more Sana Safinaz and Nickie Nina numbers than I could keep track of - very soothing for the soul!) only to return to a very wet and grey London - I don't mind the rain, I know we need it but its all the grey I don't like. I hate grey clothing too - I feel it doesn't do anything for any complexion!


On to something pretty - Mina Hasan! Well I'm sure she is a pretty lady but its her clothes that always catch my attention. The colours are always rich and the work looks flawless - all her outfits look very elegant  and have a touch of regal class and sophistication - you don't see much of her collection being flaunted around but every now and again on society pages and the like I'll see her stuff and its almost always beautiful!

My online experience with her has fallen flat on its face - I have never received a response from anyone and have tried numerous times... I suppose they don't need my business! For anyone in and around Karachi I believe she is based there so good luck - for the rest of us there is some eye candy below!

This last outfit below is so pretty!!

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  1. I did wonder where you went! Some lovely outfits by Mina Hasan here, love the pink one!