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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lippy Longtime

I bought a new lip gloss on Monday after reading great reviews of the new YSL long lasting gloss. I have so many lipsticks that I had banned myself from purchasing anymore but I don't know why I was just drawn to the YSL counter with a resolve to BUY!

...and as cynical as I was I was eventually amazed by its staying power - gloss often doesn't remain glossy for long - it rubs off pretty quick but this one stayed on all day and managed to pass the lunch test too! Okay so by the end of the day it wasn't massively glossy but the colour was very much there and still looked  'alive' rather than just a faint stain.

I'm used to highly pigmented Nars and Mac and its been a while since I bought anything from YSL so was surprised at the lack of pigmentation in comparison to what I'm used to but two coats did the trick! I went out of my usual comfort zone and bought a coral/orange shade (No. 6)- its quite bright which is fine but I've never really worn orange lips before so it was a nice change too!

On a side note does anyone else hate wearing lip gloss on windy days?? my hair tends to smear the gloss all over my face - *Not* a good look...

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