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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Xenabs Atelier

My dealing with Xenab seems to be on and off on-going for over a year now and I have ended up with quite a few of her outfits. I was impressed initially by the fact that she only posted pics of her own work and really liked some of her semi formals - they are in nice classic designs and the sort of outfits that are quite versatile - i.e can be worn to a formal dinner but also able to dress up and wear for a mehndi/party type thing.

I started off ordering a few outfits at the same time and chopped and changed my order a fair bit - the process dragged out for a while and unfortunately when my clothes did arrive they turned up in someone else's size! Xenab accepted liability straight away and offered to make fresh suits promising to oversee them herself - second batch arrived and the semi formals were beautiful - the embroidery etc. all done very neatly as you can see below on one of the ordered suits.

I've ordered a fair bit online and one thing most sellers fall on is finishing but hers was just right - I ordered a farshi lehnga too which I have to say had amazing flair - it was cut properly the way a farshi should be so even though it had a long kameez it naturally kicked out - I know you must be thinking - well what's to praise about that? Thats what you paid for?? Well ladies I have seen expensive bridals where the lehnga has just hung like a straight skirt so I need to praise her tailor on this!!

I still had issues however - basically Xenab used to have 2 types of kaam (embroidery) one is  high end and second was low end cheaper stuff - turns out my heavier formal outfit had 'low end' kaam which I was certainly not satisfied with! I attended one of her exhibitions and saw the different types of work she had and told her I was very unhappy with the one particular outfit I had received - I think most sellers at that stage would tell me to take a hike but not Xenab, her priority was to make sure I was happy and she offered to make an alternative suit for me with the kaam of my choice. This suit has turned out beautifully and I cant emphasise enough how neat the kaam is on this outfit!

Overall my experience with Xenab has ended up being a good one, I find her to be reliable as well as reasonably priced - so many people out there copying her outfits for more than what she charges! She hasn't really been updating her portfolio recently which is a shame. When it comes to heavier non thread kaam I will need to be more specific to make sure we are on the same page - but as far as her semi formal thread embroidery outfits which are up in her albums are concerned I would highly recommend these to anyone thinking of ordering!

Below are a few others I really like...


  1. amazing pictures!
    thanks for your sweet comment!
    you can follow me on facebook too on my blog webpage, i would live to follow you back there :)

  2. I really like the outfits by this desginer never heard of them prior to your post, would you mind sharing the price for the first outfit, i do really like the last one on your post aswell.

    I am a bit vary of ordering in to the uk without seeing the actual outfit, what was your deivery experience timescales etc

  3. The first outfit was around or maybe even less than £100 - TBH I cant remember as i ordered a few together.

    Delivery time first time around was a bit of an issue but there were problems from both ends - i was changing my order a lot so need to take some of the blame!

    However, I ordered again last month and from initial contact to delivery I think was about 10days and this outfit I actually wore last night and i love it so much am tempted to order in a diff colour too! Will blog it soon with pics :)

    She does exhibit in the UK so maybe keep an eye out for future dates?

  4. Oh wow, I'm surprised that you got these for a decent price, as I've always assumed someone like Xenabs Atelier was more expensive. The work and kaam certainly look beautiful, mind sharing her contact details? I'll give you my email address if you prefer too! Also, would you say that her own designs are quite unique? I'm looking into buying a few outfits for my sisters wedding (plus a few more outfits!) and want some high quality stuff! x


    Her Semi formals are all very nice and I would recommend those. I think she is having an exhibition in the UK soon so maybe see them for yourself before ordering?