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Friday, 17 February 2012

Fridays Eye Candy!

I really like Rajdeep Ranawats designs - I spotted some of his outfits a while back and loved his use of colour - he manages to blend shades in such a pretty manner. The collection below has such a romantic feel to it enhanced with the flowers and colours - a look which could so easily look sickly but he manages to make them look quite beautiful and enchanting!

When I contacted Rajdeep I found him to be very helpful and quick to reply. The Saris I inquired about were as expected on the pricey side so I need to wait for a very special occasion before I can order one of those but in the meantime I really liked some of his western wear showcased today at WIFW day 3 which I may just inquire about...

Some stuff from his older collections...

This is SUCH a beautiful dress!!

Each time I look through his work I become even more fond of his look and style - definitely one of my  current favs!


  1. oh my gee! that first dress...the side absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I want it!!!

  2. Omg, I love the colors and style of the first dress! His designs are awesome!

  3. I love that his designs are so wearable and pretty!