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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Indian Vintage


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend?!

I wanted to share a brand that has been keeping me distracted lately!! I randomly discovered Indian Fabric Emporium through Instagram – My current obsession! (I know I’m pretty late with that but better late than never right??)

Anyway – what caught my eye is the very traditional and old skool vibe to their designs; a lot of crochet, thread work, brocades and extremely nominal use of plastic ‘crystals’! It’s also a change from the intricate kora dabka that we all love and am sure will always love which we see constantly filling every inch of current bridals; I have been yearning to see different looks and IFE seems to be filling that void! In their own words ‘We focus on the vintage story of Indian couture’ (personally I love this strapline! I may be a marketer myself but always fall for the pitch if said well!)

This next green one is a personal favourite of mine, I love the work on this and the colour is just so unique! 

This last beige one - UFFF!!! I can really see this looking extremely elegant as a Nikkah outfit

They actually restore vintage outfits too for those that wish to use Joras of elders- quite good to know actually as I believe my mothers hot pink gharara is tucked away in a ‘bakkas’ somewhere… Would be good to revamp it a bit for the next family wedding!

I’ve been in touch with Farha who is one of the designers and she is lovely! She is available on whatsApp to discuss matters and they do consultations over skype too so fully geared towards those of us who can’t travel to India.

Their prices are pretty reasonable for Indian designers, starting at around £170 for anarkalis. The current exchange rate - Lowest Ive ever seen is in favour of us shoppers so order before it goes back to normal -which is about double!!!  From April this year, IFE will launch their 2014 Spring collection on an upcoming new website: – Exciting stuff! Farah mentioned they will be including more bridesmaid friendly type pieces as they get a lot of requests for them.

What do you think of their style?