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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Cayma Emran - My experience!

I ordered an outfit from Cayma Emran quite a few months ago and I found the experience incredibly smooth - from the moment I got in touch I was responded to pretty much immediately and they were very accommodating when it came to changes in the design/colours etc.

I ordered two outfits from them, the first was displayed as a kurti which I decided to have made into a full length kameez with a churidaar and dupatta; the second was this suit which I requested a few changes to.

The best thing about ordering from them was there was no need to involve western union, I was able to transfer money straight to a UK account and everything was dealt with very smoothly.

I unfortunately don’t have photos of the second outfit I ordered as I ended up passing this on to a cousin who needed a last minute outfit - but the quality of the work and materials was excellent!

For me the 'silk' outfit is a gem; it is very versatile - can be dressed up or down and this will most likely be my Eid outfit - YAY!! The jewel tones really stand out due to the sheen in the fabric, the flair and Hi-Lo hemline really make it very pretty and girly!! Best of all the price for this was pretty amazing, I
it came to around £80 which is great for A reasonably dressy and well made party outfit.

A big thumbs up for Cayma from my end!!!

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