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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hello Beautiful People!!

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Winter seems to have hit London with a BANG!! I would have liked a bit of a transition period before the cold hit - but hey ho - we cant have everything!! I'm not complaining mind!! I love winter - polo necks, coats, boots ooohhhhh winter wear is my favourite fashion season!!

My post however isn't so much fashion related - I just thought Id blog about my new discoveries which I am currently raving to anyone who will listen about!!

In my quest for a new foundation I was recommended Chantecaille (pronounced Shant-e-cai - took me a while to say it properly!) - TBH I didn't expect it to match my skin tone, nor provide enough coverage as the friend the recommendation came from has very pale and beautiful clear Serbian skin; my skin although not very tanned requires very yellow undertones to get the right match and I was specifically looking for something with good coverage to wear for upcoming weddings so I was very pleasantly surprised when I found a perfect match!!

It is their 'Just Skin' foundation which is packed with some lovely skin healing ingredients and is also oil free; when I visited Space NK I applied Nars Sheer glow on one side and Chantecaille on the other - both were great and I did very much like the Sheer Glow however the colour with the Chantecaille was a slightly better match + my friend has been raving about how this foundation really works on improving skin condition over all - she has been using it for a while and insists it has helped improve the condition of her skin overall so I was sold!

It looks pretty natural on and gives a lovely dewy finish without looking greasy. I find I can build it up quite a bit for heavier coverage without looking cakey - I have used it normally for light coverage and also heavier with two layers on and it stayed put and even more importantly didn't oxidise with or without the primer.

If I wasn't after the amazing ingredients in the Chantecaille foundation I may have stuck to Nars as its a lot cheaper and as I mentioned the finish was also lovely.

Also anyone looking for high spf the Chantecaille primer has spf 50 - is amazing light and doesn't have that 'white flash' issue at all! I will stick to using this for holidays too - I hate wearing SPF as it just feels so yucky on the skin but this just melts like a very light lotion. It is again oil free and also Paraben free which will keep my dermatologist happy!

I know I sound like a sales woman but so far so good! I know sometimes you need to use a foundation for a few weeks for it to show its true colours so I shall report back in case it does start to play up!

Im not a make up professional like other bloggers - just your average girl who likes to get it right when she needs to hence why stippling brush was a new concept for me - I got hold of a 'Real techniques' one from Superdrug - cheap and cheerful at around £10 and I have to say it made a big difference to the usual flat bobbi brown foundation brush I have been using - initially it didn't seem to be working but after a few seconds I noticed the foundation to really settle into my skin without any streaks. I happened to just pick this up as I wanted to try a cheaper one before investing but I was pleasantly surprised at how good the brush is.

For a more complete overview I had been using Bobbi Brown 'skin' foundation prior to that but wanted to try something different I found lately as my skin feels a bit drier this hasn't been sinking in so well, I also use Nars tinted Moisturiser which I do like but needed something with more coverage.  I also checked out YSL Touche Eclat foundation - which gave a lovely finish but colour didn't seem right and on top of that it oxidised; Giorgio Armani silk finish (I think that's what is is called) was okay but colour just seemed to again intensify despite the primer underneath and lastly I also tried Illamasqua Skin Base foundation - I got pretty terrible service there and was matched a few shades too light so cant really comment! (Credit where its due after I complained they have arranged a full session with a stylist for me)

I know the hunt for the perfect foundation is endless and difficult so I just thought Id let you guys make use of my experience and maybe help along the way!!


  1. What was your shade in Brobbi Brown? I currently use bobbi brown so as a comparison would be good

  2. I use 4.5 in BB and opted for 'Wheat' in Chanticaille. Its a bit warmer than the BB but thats what I was after - Barcelona in the Nars Sheer Glow was a good match although a tad darker than the Chantecaille 'Wheat'