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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Let it Shine, Let it Shine, Let it Shine!!

Good afternoon everyone on this bright and sunny Thursday!

I hope everyone is well and if in London enjoying the sunshine, if you’re not in my great city then I hope you’re enjoying your day wherever you are!

When the sun shines it makes me want to shop! I need to update my wardrobe, the transition to spring, maybe even summer – fingers crossed! is a bit tricky so I need to stock up and layer up – I’ve been going crazy on ASOS and The Outnet all morning…. Loving printed trousers at the mo although I’m having trouble finding the right cut…

Anyway! After quite a long dry period I have a few things on order from Pakistan…. Oooohhhh exciting times!!!

But I want to share with you my recent arrival – A cobalt blue Kurta from a UK based seller Shamaila Sohail.

I only have a couple of UK based sellers on my radar but I have noticed that their prices are very reasonable for casuals… I’ve steered clear in the past as I assume their mark up will be high and I prefer to cut out the middle man but I think on these ready made Kurta type things it actually works out cheaper esp when the seller wants to shift stock (I imagine there’s only so much room in ones shed!) You save on WU and courier fees which is a considerable amount when ordering just one thing.

This Kurta I bought was reduced down to £35 and shipping was just £4 so £39 in total – she shipped it as soon as she received my bank transfer and was very easy to deal with.

The Kurta itself more than exceeded my expectations which was a relief! I only saw the first pic below and decided it will be suitable for hanging out with family at the weekend but it turned out to be a lot dressier than expected which was a pleasant surprise!

The fabric is a soft linen type fabric, the buttons are very pretty diamante balls and pearls and there is even a motif at the back – to top it off there is a lot of flair too!

As these are ready made sizing is a bit of an issue – mine doesn't fit at the shoulders and I will need to see if I can get it altered… I bought it discounted and well aware it’s not going to be a perfect fit so I suppose its only fair I deal with this issue myself!

Overall thumbs Up for Shamaila!

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  1. Very pretty! I like the colour of it, and it doesn't look too bad if it's loose.