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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dark Times

… I hope NOT!            

…. Well Kinda!

So first there were the Gold offerings and then we moved on to Rose Gold which I actually like very much and the next thing I seem to be seeing a lot of are Black steel watches which I like very much! They work well with the Big Monochrome theme going down at the moment but being black they will go with everything! The watches I have seen, particularly the Karl Lagerfeld ones are quite masculine looking which in an odd way make wrists look even more feminine – do I make any sense at all?? LOL I think the chunk just makes wrists appear even smaller and adds a touch of femininity!

The Gold and Rose Gold phase was/is very much dominated by Michael Kors – I LOVE these watches but was just put off by how many people actually have them – I think every girl worth her Zara suit and marc Jacobs bag has ones of these! Not to take anything away from them of course – Despite the ‘Massness’ of these I would have probably joined the brigade and bought one myself had it not been for a recent investment in a ‘fine’ watch not too long ago.

However as the ‘fine’ one has now been restricted to evenings out only I am in need of an everyday watch;  Hurray!! I am tempted to get one of these Black ones the Karl Lagerfeld ones aren't priced too badly so I think a trip to Selfridges is on the cards to try them out!

What do you think of the Black watch trend?

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