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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sabyasachi Tuesday

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  1. Just discovered your blog today and WHAT A lovely blog! I love it! I live in the USA (and had no time to travel all the way to India for shopping)and I have had such trouble finding a bridal lehenga. I breathe Sabyasachi and were disappointed to see all those too much chamki lehengas everywhere. Well , finally bought my Sabyasachi inspired lehenga from a FACEBOOK page called Zarbaft(can't believe I ordered my WEDDING outfit from a FB boutique lol) but THANK GD! those Zarbaft guys did such an AMAZING job. I'm totally in LOVE with my Sabyasachi inspired lehenga. :D They had it wrapped so pretty. :P

    Your profile description made me share my experience of facebook shopping for desi clothes. Well, mine is a happy story. ;) In fact, I'm planning to order my reception lehenga as well as my mum's saree (for my wedding) from zarbaft as well. :D

    Can you suggest some good FB pages for Sarees and anarkali, please?

    Thanks :)